Babydoll style tops = you look pregnant?

  1. my tummy isn't as flat as i would like it to be lately......
    I've been trying to find flattering tops to disguise a little belly. So far i've noticed that a sightly oversized dress shirt/blouse with a wide belt worn right underneath the chest is great!
    I also think maybe babydoll shirts would hide a belly well too, but I feel like I look pregnant!!!
    When you see someone wearing a babaydoll style shirt do you think they may be pregnant?? Any other suggestions for slimming tops for the mid- section??
    babydoll1.jpg babydoll2.jpg babydoll3.jpg
  2. I like the black one, personally I won't wear that kind of top in light color to cover tummy because it only make it worse. I always think that top for pregnant women.
  3. I think babydolls are in style now so the immediate thought isn't PREGNANT! I too am battling a tummy, I have picked up some tunics to get my through. Look for some of those, they are loose and longer than the average shirt. Seems these day the average shirt barely covers your mid section while wearing low cut jeans.
  4. I think as long as the cut is right, it looks good. Those babydoll things that people wear over swimsuits...those tend to make people look pregnant, imo.
  5. Those are really cute! Where are they from, Neimans?
  6. Well I used to like them but then when I got pregnant they were all I wore. So now I don't wear them at all because I think I look pregnant again. Now that I do have a little tummy left over from being pregnant I like to wear tunic length tanks and tees because everything else does seem to be cut too short for low rise jeans.
  7. I like babydolls, they're cute!
  9. I LOOOOVE them, but yes, I think on a lot of people they look maternity-ish, or like they're trying to conceal a tummy. :sad:
    I agree w/ the tunic suggestion, I have 'twin skin' from the twins and am always looking for ways to conceal it!
  10. I love babydoll style tops. I think they are really cute. Yes, sometimes I do feel that I look pregnant when I'm wearing babydoll tops, but I love how they look, so it doesn't bother me whether people think I look pregnant :shame:
  11. Oh right. I knew I recognized that background but couldn't place it. Anyways, I adore them. Go for it! :yes:
  12. If you have a bigger bust, I'd say stay away from these. Rarely are they cut so well that the bottom won't poof out excessively while still maintaining enough room at the top.

    I'm not big-busted and these are my favorite types of tops. I do probably look a little preggers! lol But I love them!
  13. Fat people should stay away from it.
  14. The second and third top are gorgeous! I love them and wear them all the time.
  15. no, i don't think so!
    if you wear them with skinny jeans or a miniskirt and leggings you look ok!
    btw those are really cute!