babyclouds Balenciaga Mugshots

  1. The best time to take photos of your collection is when you're on a purse ban.:P

    Here's a group photo

  2. Eggplant City


  3. Cornflower City

  4. Bordeaux Purse (photo is a little weird..)

  5. Of course the Black Day

  6. Magenta First

  7. Eggplant Mini Classique

  8. And the small Sky Blue Coin Purse

  9. very nice collection!
  10. OMG Babyclouds! :drool: :drool: :drool: You have the most beautiful bags! I love them! Such great variety too!
  11. :drool: Beautiful all of them, except for one. I don't think you really need that eggplant city. I think it belongs in my closet with my other bags.:graucho: Kidding aside, that eggplant is to die for. I think that one just went on my want list!!!
  12. OMG!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!:love: Yes~ the epplant is TDF!!!!!!:heart: I am craving the magenta too! Great photo's!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to join you but I am on the purse ban now too!!!!!:P
  13. AND I don't think you need that "so so" cornflower! Your bags are beautiful!
  14. Wow! Beautiful collection! Love your eggplant city:drool::drool:
  15. Wow, babyclouds! I love the palette and the range from neutral to daring :graucho:
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