Babyblue's random bags

  1. I just want to post some bags I recently pull out to use.
    Bal2.jpg BalenciagaLilac2.jpg redChloe3.jpg BVcherryRed.jpg ChanelCol-1.jpg
  2. oh god. i love your chloe so much i want to cry! i think i am converted! that lock, that COLRO, Oh God....
    what IS the name of that color? still available????????

    great collection btw, nice leathers.
  3. The Balenciaga bag in lilac is honestly my DREAM bag...perfect color, gorgeous bag...if you know of a good place to get one, please let me know!!!!
  4. You have a great collection.
  5. nice collection!
  6. Love all your bags!
  7. Love the lilac :love:
  8. great collection - your lilac is beautiful :smile:
  9. i love ur paddy!!!!
    and of course ur chanel!:graucho:
  10. Beautiful collection
  11. Ahh girl, thank you :smile: This is the very first generation of Chloe Paddington, it was the first color came out in the Paddington line so I don't think beside eBay, you can find it anymore. I believe they called it Cherry red. I really love what you have too.

  12. You know I was stupid enough to gave up the 2004 Lilac and regret everytime I think about this. This baby is replacement of that, gorgeous in its own way but who know... I will definitely let you know since all my gf got one in this color and one of them might get tired soon.
    Thanks so much

  13. Thanks so much girl. Here are some more :smile:
    MulberryTwin.jpg RedBalenciaga2.jpg SophiaFront1.jpg MJcol.jpg P1010260.JPG
  14. Very very pretty. :yes: I LOVE your Chanel collection. And the BV is so eye-catching!
  15. Thanks batgirl
    I suppose to be on purse ban too till 2010 but oh well, I tried my best, 3 months are long enough right :smile: