1. My best friend is having a baby in July. I'd love to get her a designer baby bag. Does LV make one?
  2. yes. they make a mini lin diaper bag in baby blue or pink.
  3. Thanks for the info. :smile:
  4. yes its soooo sweet!
  5. ^its about 925 euro.
    which means a bit over 1k for us dollars.
  6. That's not too bad. Can you post a pic if you have one? :smile:
  7. Here you go...

  8. Thank you! That's very cute.
  9. it's £925 that makes it more like $1800
  10. OMG what a cute bag. I don't have kids yet but when I do, I want the baby bag in pink. its so cute.
  11. Also, the mini lin saumur makes great baby bag, but doesn't scream diaper bag.s\
  12. I don't think this screams DIAPER BAG too much, but agree on the Saumur too. Also comes in blue and ebony, just FYI.

  13. Awww, I think that is so cute. I am definitely getting one of these when I have a baby.
  14. wow i love this one, so cute
  15. Does the bottle shown on the bag come with it?! I checked out the Mini Lin babybag last time I was at LV, but it didn't have that bottle with it!