baby you can drive my car


Apr 8, 2006
the talk of easy access to the kelly made me think about this (curious if there's a pattern and also might help future fans make decisions) -

what's your favorite bag or type of bag (specifically manner of access) and what's your typical mode of transportation?

i've got my shoulder bag, but more importantly i would say a zip-top opening is my preference. walking 80% of the time, 10% public, 10% car or cab.

should i add heft? i wonder if more people with 35 and higher birkins are driving vs. walking...
Great question....

90% car but I am in and out a lot and chasing after one of my boys. I use the Evelyne. Of course, that could change if I ever get a birkin....:shame:

But I do find the across the body style to be the best for my lifestyle!! :wlae: It is easiest to be hands free. I have carried handbags in the past and they were not as easy when chasing....
Shoulder strap for me....usually Kelly. Second choice is zip top ( Bolide ) third would be Birkin.

Car for transportation, I prefer to be driven than to have to drive.

I love to be looked after.....were I Royalty, a talented Lady In Waiting would be my first priority.
Great observation HH--I live in the suburbs so I drive everywhere w/DD. The GPT and the 35cms are favorites b/c I can just reach my hand in and grab something if needed.

However, when we go walking in the city, I really cannot carry my 35cm for too long as it really becomes a dead weight after an hour of walking. I break out the Kelly or the Trim for said occassion.
I definitely drive everywhere. If I took the metro more, I would probably use my Kelly shoulder strap. I love my kelly 32 CM, and I have definitely gotten the hang of opening it and closing it with ease. I think though, my next bag purcahse will be a Birkin. I like the idea of distributing the weight more evenly across two handles rather than just one as is the case with the kelly. I also like keeping my bag open for easy access.

Prior to getting my Kelly, I carried a 2003 Caramel Balenciaga City bag. I adore this bag; it's lightweight and I can carry it as a handbag or a shoulder bag with no problem. My only issue was things could get lost very easily since it's one big open compartment. I could always find my cell phone b/c I put it in the exterior front pocket, but I could never find my keys or other small things. I don't know why they didn't create it with more interior pockets.
i drive 90 % of the time, if not, DH does. i find that carrying my birkin during the weekdays work for me where i can stuff a lot of my work junk in and i carry my kelly (with strap) mostly on weekends when i end up doind errands and shopping!
Another suburbanite here. The 35cm is fine for me but not when I have to do tons of walking. I can't wait for my Bolide, which can work hand-held or thrown onto my shoulder in a pinch.
Trim is my easiest H bag right now.
City girl here.
85% car, 15% walking...
Totes (Birkins...35 cm only..., GP) or other top-handled bag with open top. Like a Bolide. I struggle with Kellys, cannot seem to master them.
I like large handhelds (probably a 35 birkin type size is my ideal, although I'm more of a kelly girl)

I take public transprotation and walk to work, ride with DH when we go anywhere else (I don't have a license).
As i am working in different countries,i have different circumstances.
In Spain i drive car 100% so i love the Birkin or HAC because it is easy to reach everything and i can fill it up with all my work-stuff.
For shopping i take GP,window-shopping:Picotin
In Germany,UK, etc where i use mostly public transport i feel more safe with Trim/Christine or Bolide.
Suburbanite here......CASUAL suburbanite.

Drive most of the time and I LOVE handheld bags. UNLESS it's a Target or Costco day and then it's Trim II.
Southern California driver... Rotate birkin and kelly...kelly is great for days where I might want to use the strap for brief periods of time, but typically use as hand-held (strap dangles)... Plan to use evelyne for and work in Asia primarily...also site-seeing in Europe... Birkin or kelly for shopping...kelly for dining...except tonight...DH requested birkin tonight (he is such a great sport when I ask for feedback)...