Baby Woolly Monkey Born

  1. Updated 15:28, Friday November 16, 2007

    Welcome to Monkey World!
    A rare Woolly monkey has been born at the Monkey World rescue centre in Dorset.

    The baby is being hand-reared by director of the sanctuary Alison Cronin, as the little mite was unable to suckle from his mother.

    The little chap, who weighs just over 400 grams, sleeps on a heat pad wrapped in blankets and needs feeding every two hours.
    He was bred as part of the European Endangered Species Programme.

    In the wild, Woolly Monkeys live in very large extended families where one large super-group fragments into smaller groups over several hundred metres.

    Dr Cronin said: "This is a great result as it is extremely difficult to breed them in captivity.
    "I am pleased with the progress the new baby is making so far."

    If he builds his strength up, this baby could be introduced into his group when several months old.

    (Sky News)
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  2. Awwww what a cutie!! I love baby animals. :love:
  3. Aww....he's so adorable :love:
  4. He is cute! He looks like he is kissing his caretaker in the one photo!
  5. oh my gosh, so cute!
  6. This is so cute, I can't take it!!!
  7. OMG *dies* I WANT THAT JOB!!
  8. Ohhh I love monkeys! I wish I could have one...I would love an orangatan (sp) because they look so cute and cuddly...probably aren't but it is nice to think they may be!