Baby with eczema

  1. I didn't read all of the comments so this may have been mentioned already..

    I have eczema myself and worsened after having my daughter, nothing worked for me. After trying everything under the sun I gave acupuncture a shot, and low and behold it worked! Now I've flared up again and I'm back to going once a week. One huge thing that he told me to change is not using anything with sodium lauryl sulfate in it, it's hard though 'cause it's in everything! I switched toothpaste, hand soap, bar soap, laundry soap, shampoo... I find most of my products at Whole Foods. I hope you find some relief :smile:
  2. Thank you Tara :smile:. I hope you do too.
  3. My son had eczema when he was a few months old. His ped thought it was triggered by heat, so we kept the ac constant. It did help but it didn't make it go away. We were also using mild soap and detergents. Switched his formula to soy and we went through a few different prescriptions: Eletone, Topicort and Mometasone. Topicort worked! And we kept him on soy formula. No other flare ups since then and he's now 3. He can tolerate heat, I use normal laundry detergent now, Aveeno Baby for soap and lotion, Aquaphor lotion during the winter months.
  4. My kid went thru all this for a while and I do know for sure it had to do with his week digestive system and severe allergies to many foods. Whatever he couldn't digest, would manifest in eczema or a full blown reaction.. He did outgrow it all by the time he was 5. The only thing I can suggest is bath baby in gentle soap like Dove or Cetaphil, not put too many prescribed ointments that might be absorbed into the bloodstream. I believe our ds developed some kind of infection from using Elidel. The one thing I wished we would have done sooner, was to take him for an allergy panel test. We found out he was allergic to so many things, including soy milk. Poor kid went through so much, if we had known sooner, then he might not have suffered eczema and itching so much
  5. A few of my friends have the same issue with their babies and my little girl had eczema as well. It is very hard to know that their skin itches so much. One of my friends changed her diet (since she was breastfeeding) and eliminated a lot of foods, such as shell fish, gluten, pork and probably a few other things and it worked. Another friend exposed her son's legs (where the eczema spots were) to the sun for natural Vitamin D for 15 minutes a day and it helped reduce it a bit. As for myself, I gave my daughter oatmeal baths and it helped to relieve the itching and reduced the redness a bit. She still has eczema, and I'm still trying to get rid of it.
    All of the doctor's my friends and I have gone to immediately prescribed hydrocortisone, but it just didn't work.
  6. My son has been dealing with eczema for 10 years.
    We have tried EVERYTHING OTC and RX for him.
    Here's what works for us
    - hand soap- METHOD GO NAKED( no perfumes or dyes)
    - body wash - Johnson & Johnson's kids all clear body wash ( no perfumes or dyes)
    - laundry- METHOD ALL CLEAR ( in a grey bottle - no perfumes or dyes)
    -everyday lotion - Eucarin calming creme ( white tube bottle with blue snap lid -actually use Target's Up & Up version - same ingredients and formula but $ cheaper)
    -FOR FLARE UPS - Protopic ointment . It's a RX and has a steroid in it. Some Drs. won't prescribe it but I asked my ped.for a RX bc she has seen that nothing else works.
    I read all the posts here and no one had mentioned it.
    Good luck !
  7. My son has had eczema since birth (7 now).We have tried every cream and lotion available,as well as changing diet/milk.As a baby,we had to wrap him so that he could not move his arms to scratch as he would do so until bloody.Eventually.I decided to give Chinese herbal remedies a go.I was given a large bag of roots and powders,which I had to boil up,and some cream.Lo and behold,this actually worked!Just being able to enjoy a good nights sleep benefitted us all hugely.Since that time,we have had some small incidents,but these have been minor and usually related to getting hot and sweaty.We still avoid putting any chemicals in his bath or on his skin.
  8. I was hoping I would never have to come back to this thread, but it seems like DS' eczema has return. Now it's all over his legs and arms.

    I am so defeated by this. I want to sit in a corner and cry. I asked my hubby what I have done wrong for DS to suffer with this skin problem :sad:.

    DS will be turning 1 next month and I hope a miracle will happen as 2 of my neighbors had said that their sons' eczema went away like magic the day they turned 1.

  9. Sorry to hear about this, it is sooo tough for a new mom....I was just as sad and down as you are now when my ds2 went through it. It was very stressful having to explain to people who saw him but didn't understand that eczema was due to an allergy, not that we were neglectful parents!

    I seriously think eczema is a manifestation of poor gut issues (not being able to digest and eliminate certain products completely). Talk to your doctor and see if you can give your baby things that are natural or organic supplements to help his gut. Things like probiotics (found in yogurt or powder form), fish oils (omega-3) and aloe vera juice (the oral kind). My kid had severe eczema in addition to severe digestive issues. Used these daily for over a year and both eczema and digestive improved a great deal and I believe once the digestive healed, the eczema was minimized.

    Although I never tried it, someone had mentioned dipping their eczema-ridden child in a swimming pool during the summer, dried up their eczema. I guess the small amount of chlorine does the trick. I guess the dip, and then quick shower rinse? I dunno but it has some logic to it.
  10. Thank you so much for your information. I, too, suspect that it is from his weak digestive system. I will talk to his dr about probiotics supplements on his upcoming dr's appointment.

    Sometimes I blame myself for breast feeding him since birth. I really feel like had he taken on formula, his digestive system would've been a lot stronger. I have tried giving him formula, but he's older now and so much smarter that he just spits it out.

    He's also severe allergic to dairy :sad:. Hubby and I have no history of dairy allergies in our family, so I am puzzled.

    Thanks again :smile: I will try and update once there are results.
  11. i am SO sorry that you are dealing with this again! :shucks:
    it can make a parent feel so...inadequate and beyond frustrated!

    if you're still breastfeeding and he's allergic to dairy, have you eliminated the dairy in your diet? my son is also allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts and NO ONE in either side of our families has food allergies either. IMHO, i think breastfeeding is generally always going to be better than formula (but again, that's my two cents!).

    chlorine baths worked for us!,8599,1894149,00.html

    PM me if you have questions...sadly, i've spent a lot of time (and money!) on this. :flowers:
  12. I'm sorry you're going through this. I was like you waiting for the magic age to show the magic.. But it never came.. My dd is almost 12 and she has the severe kind.. Her skin thickens on a lot of places and it's red and cracklings. We tried almost everything, even the ones that doesnt make sense.

    Anyway, 4 months ago we tried acupuncture and chinese herb tea. The doc said it will be a while for the skin to go back to normal, but now i can tell the different on her skin. It's not as thick and red. We are still continuing the treatment and putting vanicream everyday. We also stopped dairy from her diet. Hth!

    Hang in there.. Pm me if you have question

  13. We use Vanicream too, I found our ds skin was otherwise very dry as well. It's hard to figure out the "weeping" of the eczema but I notice it was the worse during rainy days or high precipitation and/or humidity.

    DS2 is currently gluten free and casein free, and he's got 7 of the 8 major allergens. It's been a rollercoaster ride, but It Will Get Better, I Promise!!!
  14. Thank you all for your information. I will look into the cream. As of right now, my mom has cooked up a concoction (recipe given by a friend who swears by it) for me to put on DS. It's main ingredient is egg. I am a bit weary. Not sure how DS will react to eggs since he is severely allergic to dairy. If I do come around to using it, I will post up the results. Big hugs to you all!!!