Baby with eczema

  1. He is currently on Enfamil AR for reflux. I tried switching him to Similac Alimentrum last night, but he refused to take it. He would not swallow any of it. Very frustrating. I'm going to try and mix 1 oz Somilac with 5 oz Enfamil to see if he takes it and hopefully he will so I can up the Similac and slowly decrease the Enfamil to get him used to the taste.
  2. I probably do not have much to help here, but I would like to say I was one of these eczema babies. My mom was prescribed a cream to apply to my face too, but she told me that I still would itch and be red (yes several of my baby pics show my red splotches). I probably would have never known about the eczema but it came back with a vengeance when I hit puberty. I noticed that during my adolescence up until toward the end of college the eczema plagued me. I was finally able to get rid of the red splotches on my face, but I still do have the dry skin in patches (but it is really controlled now :smile: ) thru the years my mom and I tried various things... from trying different prescription and OTC hydrocortisone ointments and creams, to using aloe vera gel from our plant in the backyard.

    what did not work for me was the influx of prescription hydrocortisone ointments the dermatologist prescribed. I truly think he overmedicated me. I had experienced the same things you all are seeing. The first 1-2 weeks of use are great. Things clear up... but then things take a turn for the worse. I truly think that overusing hydrocortisone creams/ointments ends up stripping your skin and makes it thinner. This is what I was noticing with me. It wasn't until I stopped using the medications and started using only gentle lotions/creams (cetaphil is great! also used lubriderm but now i am on to aveeno) that things improved. You will go thru a bad period but in the end your skin will start to heal and repair any damage that the meds did.

    What has helped: using cetaphil or aveeno facial wash, lubriderm sensitive skin lotion, and aveeno sensitive skin lotion. I currently use a great avon facial cream. I am pretty sensitive to various creams and lotions that burn my skin, but this one is fabulous (and its cheap too, go figure!). It has spf in it, so not sure about the use on baby skin. (this cream is a newer product... avon keeps changing or discontinuing their creams so the original cream I started with that literally healed my red splotches and never allowed them to come back is no longer made, but this one is a great alternative).

    anyways that is my two cents... i truly hope it helps all you mommies out there. :flowers:

    oh forgot to add... regarding diet or other things that possibly cause the breakouts. I really do not know if I believe this. My doctor had me avoid eating processed foods, breads, crackers, etc with certain flours and I never saw a change. I did drink more water (to flush my body of anything that was ailing me) and I stopped using the hydrocortisone ointments. I still eat the things the doctor told me to avoid and I do not have any issues now that I'm off the corisone products.
  3. Thanks for the great post. Our ped told us exactly this -- that cortisone should not be used on the face with any regularity because it thins the skin.
  4. Cortisone creams should be used for a max of 10-14 days on any part of the body and especially sparingly on the face.

    I wanted to make a suggestion but please talk to your childs ped before trying... Ive used 100% pure argan oil on my own excema and it is working amazingly, doing what high potency steroid creams couldnt do. Maybe it can be tried on babies? Since its all natural i cant see it being worse then steroid creams but its worth a shot if the childs ped says its ok.
  5. OP, this is so hard. My oldest had it all over for up to two years. I didn't read your entire thread, so someone may have said this. We found eczema to be an allergic reaction to multiple factors: soaps, laundry detergent, and foods. In fact, ds12 still has some patches and they flare if I screw up and buy the wrong laundry detergent, but at 12, he refuses to watch foods, so the little bit he didn't out grow returned.

    He uses Dove soap, even in his hair until it gets gross and then I got a clear, scent free shampoo at Sally Beauty that he uses every other week to get the Dove out. I use an all natural, scent free generic laundry detergent, and absolutely no softeners. If his' dad's wife uses a softener in a previous load, I see ds's eczema flare up. Finally, dairy caused him trouble. He had reflux and severe eczema and colic until he was put on a soy formula. And like someone said, be very cautious with steroids and do not allow my mil near them ;) she lathered my son in these every time she saw him, despite us saying don't put it on him at all. Ugh.

    Good luck. I'm sorry. It's so hard and so painful for Mommies.
  6. Its funny the doctors that prescribed the stuff to me while growing up never told us this. The prescription actually would say use up to 2 times daily during flareups, and as needed all other times. Apparently I was stripping my skin all those years.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the argan oil... I will have to do some research on that one. :smile:
  7. My son has suffered from eczema, since birth. You can only imagine the number of dermatologists, pediatric derms, creams, homeopathic remedies etc that we went through. We finally found out that DS's eczema was a symptom of a genetic disorder. I am certainly not implying this is the reason for the OP's child's eczema. That diagnosis led us to an immunologist. He suggested using mineral oil, applied topically(the laxative kind, no fragrances)after daily bathing. It is thick and really seals in the moisture. You would not believe how much of a difference we saw in a week!

    As he has grown (he is now 6) the eczema has improved, greatly. We use Protopic rx when needed. We do notice flares brought out by heat, swimming (the drying chlorine) and colds/infections. Nothing like we first experienced, though. Trial and error is extremely frustrating - hang in there!
  8. I am so sorry your poor baby boy is so uncomfortable! Have you tried coconut oil? you can get it at any health food store also talk to your ped. about giving an omega fatty acid supplement. here is a link with some other info
  9. Thank you ladies for all your replies, suggestions, and kind words. Fortunately, ds' eczema has gone down with minimal flair ups. Dr said it may be because he is getting older and growing out of it or the change of weather is improving it.

    I am currently bathing ds in California Baby Calendula shampoo and body wash and lathering him up with Aquaphor afterwards and very lil 1% hydrocortisone when he has flair ups that are really red, esp when he itches it. I also cut out seafood in my diet.

    It's really hard sometimes when he has flair ups, but I try to keep positive and hope all the mommies and daddies who are going through the same thing have comfort as well.
  10. I have had eczema all my life, and I always use Cortaid when it flares up. I've also gotten good at spotting when it's about to flair up and if I can get the Cortaid on early enough it will go away without ever getting bad. I had prescription creams for it when I was younger, but honestly they didn't work any better than over the counter Cortaid. I use strictly Aveeno and Cetaphil bath products and lotions, they're non-irritating for eczema and sensitive skin. Also, certain laundry detergents can irritate it, so it may be worth checking what's in those and trying a different brand. And when the eczema gets really bad, oatmeal baths work wonders for itchiness! It's really a trial and error process for most people I think, because no one really knows what exactly causes it, or what works best to treat it, and everyone's skin seems to react differently. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, I know it's a total pain. I hope your baby clears up soon!
  11. OP: California Baby worked terrifically on both my eczema babies. I've also used QV and Cetaphil with varying successes.
  12. OP: glad to hear that baby's eczema flair ups are going down. My DS was the same way. We didn't even know he had eczema at first, we thought it was just a really bad heat rash due to the humidity here. He got diagnosed because grandma insisted we take him in.

    We got proscribed a corticosteriod cream and used moisterel lotion on him after bath before bed. At the dr's advice, we used Dove sensitive skin bar soap to bath him. He's 2 now and only a patch on his hand refuses to go away. We only use the prescription when he flairs up, but continue with the moisterel after bath before bed.
  13. *hugs* OP!

    we went through / are going through the same struggles. what is absolutely maddening about eczema is that the cause of it is different for everyone!

    i found this post extremely helpful.

    the vaseline baths didn't do much for us but the bleach baths worked wonders! i also hated using steroids and have found an herbal lotion that i use as "cortisone" and it's freakin' AWESOME. (no guarantees that it works on every case of eczema...i have a theory that it is best used on contact dermatitis. PM me if you are in the NYC area...)

    the stelatopia line from mustela and vanicream (or cerave) has worked for us as well. aquaphor contains lanolin which is from wool and can actually exacerbate the problem for some babies...and so can oatmeal.

    for some babies, the chlorine in water can contribute to the problem. so before i installed water filters in the bathroom, i bathed him in bottled poland spring water for a weekend. (yes, i am that crazy mom but i was also THAT desperate to find a solution!)

    as eczema is usually a sign of a weak immune system, probiotics can help (i eat yogurt every day as i'm EBF.) and as they grow older, they can outgrow it.

    hth...and best of luck in finding the solution(s) that work for your babies!
  14. Just an FYI, I was about to order California Baby until I did a little research and I'm glad I did.* They reformulated all their products and it has been causing burns/rashes on many children & adults.

    I know this happened in the beginning of the year, but a friend who recommended the product to me didn't know. I just wanted anyone to be aware of it.