baby wipes

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  1. umm i cleaned my papillon handles with them and it cleaned it ok but it kind of dried out the leather a little. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. They did dry my cerises speedy handles out a little bit. You can do one of two things:
    1. Use it alot and the oils from your hands will get it back to shiny
    2. Purchase Apple Guard conditioner to get the moisture back in

    I used the Apple Guard :smile:
  3. oh ok thanks. I appreciate the advice hun!
  4. No problem!!!!!!!!!
  5. okay gang my speedy is a few months old so I thought that I would clean the handles with baby wipes that I bought at Costco(kirkland brand) the handles do look spotless but, the handles feel less supple and more dry...the texture is not has nice....will the handles get better or should of I stayed away from the wipes until I got a patina:cursing: any thoughts:confused1:
  6. The oils in your hands should get it back to normal - try to carry it a LOT. You could always sit watching TV had rub your hands on it a lot for hours at a time (LOL!)

    There's always Apple conditioner, but I don't recommend it personally. I know other people have had good luck with it.
  7. I would have used the pampers wipes with aloe alcohol free as the "expert" baby wipers have recommended.......I think any other would risk drying out the leather.....for something as expensive as LV I wouldn't use cheap store brand products on it.....just my opinion......
  8. I can see how applying anything with water or alcohol would "dry" the leather. I suggest reconditioning with Meltonian leather conditioner. I wipe my current bag down with it before I put it away to switch to another one.
  9. the wipes that I used are alcohol free (I am not a moron) and they have aloe and vitamin e the ingredients are almost identical to pampers
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Cool, I still think ingredients tend to differ and since other pfers have recommended certain brands and had luck with them, I personally would stick to exactly what they used. I have a couple bags I want to clean but only have another type of wipe in my house so I'm just waiting until I remember to pick up the ones Irene recommends.......
  12. thanks for sharing I will do the same...with the price of my speedy it is worth it to use the best and I would never use something with alcohol in it...momma did not raise no
  13. :confused1:
  14. I been following many of these threads on using something to clean the vachetta like the baby wipes... Personally having LV for three and half decades I have never use anything to alter the natural leather during its first few years. Of course the leather parts will patinae over time.

    I'm glad ppl have found ways to clean off the most stubborn dirt and grit, but I would have tested on a small spot were it's not noticeable. Then I won't freak out if something didn't turn out right.

    Mainly I just wipe bags down with a flannel cloth each night to remove any dirt accummulate from being used during the day. It actually makes the leather shiny and it does patinae quicker and luckily I never had so much dirt on it that it required baby wipes during its first year as my precious baby...

    Am I missing something with the use of cleaning with baby wipes???:confused1:
  15. I actually have this dry cleaning pad that works nicely on dirt (like the black from the brass pieces touching the vachetta) and discoloring from my dark blue jeans rubbing against vachetta. It doesn't make it absolutely perfect again, but it cleans enough that I don't notice it when I look.....