Baby wipes on these handles???

  1. What do you guys think...would baby wipes have an effect on the darker areas (middle) of these handles? Its from 2003 in case the age has differs the effect of baby wipes lol :smile:
    handlespap1.jpg handlespap2.jpg
  2. I wouldn't - I think the patina on that bag is pretty just like it is.
  3. Not really. If it bothers you a lot you can replace the straps.
  4. Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace the straps in canada ?
  5. Its a pap 26 btw :smile:.
  6. Lol third post in a row but im not really a vachetta/patina expert (I usually prefer damier)...are the darker areas like "dirty" or is that how vachetta turned patina usually looks? And ive never seen a darker bag like this IRL does it look good I mean do you guys like a dark patina like that? (looks dark for me hehe :smile:)
  7. The middle of handles get darker because that's where alot of people hold the bag from. If you want try baby wipes, try doing the inside of the handles first. If there is any dirt on them it will take them off, and you can see what it will do to the patina without it being so noticable on the underside, kwim? Then if it comes out lighter or "cleaner" then do the topside of the handles.
  8. Thanks alot tr444! I was also wondering if baby wipes would dry the leather and possibly or eventually make it crack? I hope not!
  9. I have done it a few times and I used plain baby wipes and never had any drying. It's really clean for a few days (which might look like drying to you) but no cracking or anything like that. As soon as you start putting your hands on it again it gets more oils too.
  10. Thanks again, if I get this bag I will definitely try it :smile:!
  11. If you want the shiny look on the handles...after doing the baby wipes you can condition it with something like AppleGuard Conditioner.
  12. I think to get the straps replaced was around 1/3 the cost of the new papillon. I looked into that when a coke got spilled all over my papillon. Thankfully though, the babywipes took care of it and left behind a nice patina, so I never went through with it. I think the bag looks gorgeous as it is though!
  13. I clean my speedy's handles quite often with baby wipes. They always get it clean and it always dries fine. No idea if it will effect the patina or not.
  14. Thanks alot guys im thinking im gonna get this bag...and plus I wouldnt even need to pay shipping this seller lives like 15 minutes away from me so i could do a local pick-up :smile:!
  15. It looks good, congrats ^^^