Baby wipes for my mono baby?

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  1. I was told to clean my Burberry with a baby wipe and it always worked very well. Can I do them same with the canvas for my mono?
  2. :yes: Yes you can. I do ALL the time!
  3. I use baby wipes on my mono canvas stuff too.
  4. Wow, I'm glad I read this. I didn't know that. I even carry baby wipes around all of the time. They're nice for wiping my 2 year old's hand and face when we're out.
  5. Thanks for the info girls, I LOVE this forum!!!
    LV_addict, could you go to the authenticity thread and take a look at the PTI I was asking about (I know you have one and thought you would have a pretty good idea if it is real or not.) Thanks so much!
  6. oh yeah, I use them for EVERYTHING!
  7. I love baby wipes, so many different uses!
  8. does anyone do this before storing their LV bags? Although I guess not for the vernis type of leather but how bout the monograms? thanks!
  9. baby wipes works great w/vachetta and monograms, i think pp also use it for Vernis too?
  10. I used to, but now I don't and I hope I won't need to do this in the future unless the bag becomes REALLY dirty cuz they make the leather really dry.
  11. my sa told me to STAY AWAY from baby wipes as it makes the vachetta dirtier later on.......
  12. i used a couple of them to clean the leather inside my new vernis FP. they work remarkably well!

  13. ITA. And I never use anything either.
    I guess I'm completely against using anything out of the ordinary on my bags. I refuse to treat them or do anything of the sort. Besides the fact that my SA highly recommends that people NOT treat their bags, use baby wipes or any other weird things on them.
  14. I use it but not on the vachetta.
  15. I do, but on;y occasional, and I do conition once in awhile too.