Baby Vlad!!!! How cute!!!!!!

  1. No no, we are not having a baby Vlad... but here are some pics for your viewing pleasure of BABY Vlad himself :love: :girlsigh:

    He was and still *is* ADORABLE!!
    vlad1.jpg vlad2.jpg vlad4.jpg
  2. I knew I would find them if I looked hard enough!!!! The 3rd one cracks me up!!!
  3. Omg! How Cute!!!!!!
  4. How adorable....and I seriously thought a baby Vlad was on the way from the thread title lol
  5. Vlad, you were such a cute baby ! What happened ? :upsidedown:

    Kidding.. kidding, you're still cute, please don't kick my butt ! :P
  6. Ha!! I love the suspenders picture.
  7. Yes! I thought Megs was announcing she was knocked up-LOL!

    Very cute pics. You can totally see that's him.
  8. What a cutie pie!
  9. Aww look a Vlad........too cute
  10. How cute! =)
  11. LOLOLOL! You found his baby pics eh? I found toddler pics only of my BF. Have to dig more. Too cute!
  12. How adorable!
  13. I HOPE I'm not knocked up!!!!!!! :amuse:
  14. Awwww..... look at the cute baby...........
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: