Baby video monitor?

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  1. Any recommendations on baby video monitor? We've finally come to the point where we have to move our baby out of our room ... :crybaby:It feels like we are sending our firstborn to college across the country! :sweatdrop: Will a video monitor help ease my anxiety?

    Also - do you use a crib bumper or not? I've heard it's not recommended until the baby is 1 year old due to safety concerns (suffocation).

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I have the same monitor as ILuvMyHusband and highly recommend it. We moved our baby from the bassinet to the crib at 5 weeks and it helped to ease my mind. It was very handy if I wanted to go outside to do some gardening or to just talk to the neighbours.

    There was a previous thread on bumper pads.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know if the Summer Infant Slim & Secure portable video monitor is compatible with their 7" flat screens?
  5. I dont know if you can get them outside of the UK but I am taking my dad the motorola MBP30 baby video monitor for my baby sister so I will be able to see how they work.
  6. I bought this monitor off of about 8 months ago and LOVE it! The picture is clear (only black and white), sound quality is good and it has a long range. We live in a split plan house, so my baby is on my side and we are on the other. Once in awhile I will get some static from it, but you just have to move it and it stops. I think I paid around $70 (steal).

    I use bumpers for my 6 month old and also did with my 14 year old. No problems there. Actually, I think it is better because she can't put her hands or legs through the wood slats and get them stuck!
  7. we have the summer infant one above and love it. Have been using it since she was 2 weeks old without any difficulty. Sound and picture are very clear and we've never had any problems wit interference.

    We discussed getting an audio one earlier, but boy are we glad we got the video one. Our baby makes a lot of crazy noises at night and its great to just look and see that she's sleeping as opposed to actually awake and distressed. Plus our house has creaky hardwood floors and going to her room everytime we heard a noise would have ended up waking her up. It was particularly helpful to hve the video feature during the sleep training phase.

    My husband who was originally sold on the audio monitor (partly b/c of the cheaper price), now admits it was better to get the video one.
  8. We have the safety 1st video monitor and love it. Ours us a 2009 model which I believe is being phased out of stores for the 2010 model that comes with more features. I highly recommend the one we have- picture and sound are clear, no interference or lost signal, and the night vision works pretty well.
  9. I have to agree with the Summer Infant video monitor. Do buy the protection plan though as our first one went out around 9 months. Babies R Us sent us a check for the entire amount and I bought the newer one with the thinner handheld device. I don't know what I'd do without it.
  10. megs0927, I read several reviews and it does seem like Summer Infant has great customer service and will even send replacement batteries if yours wears out.

    I'm just confused as to whether I can buy the "slim & secure" portable monitor & camera, but also add on one of their 7" flat screens and it work with the same camera?

  11. I have the same one. It works great for us. We've used it ever since DD was born and now she is 15 month. The only thing I would say is the battery time. It gets less and less if you leave it unplugged (just like the cell phone, I guess). I usually have it plugged-in in the bedroom so not a big deal.
  12. They have excellent customer service! They sent me an additional adapter and batteries because mine was still under warranty when they died! I highly recommend them.
  13. Another one here for Summer Infant. Had it with DS and it was a LIFESAVER!
  14. ^^ ita. I have the big set with handheld and big screen and it's cost per use at this point is almost down to something like a dime! Sooooo worth the peace of mind!