Baby Talk Magazine . . . is it offensive?

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  1. There's been some controversy surrounding the cover of the latest issue of Baby Talk Magazine. (The link didn't work, but it shows a woman breastfeeding a baby.)

    People who object to the cover call it offensive and disgusting.

    What do you think?

    Is it the fact that she's showing her boob offensive, or is it another 'breastfeeding in public' type thing?

    Speaking technically, in terms of decency on tv, you're allowed to show boob, but you can't show nipple. The picture isn't showing nipple.

    In terms of public breastfeeding, I wouldn't be offended, but I think they should be a little discreet. (Cover up with a blanket, or something.) I think making breastfeeding mothers go into the bathroom is a tad too extreme.
  2. here's a pic:
    Pregnancy | Planning | Health | Labor | Postpartum: Parenting

    I'm sorry. . . but as a WOMAN I find it very offensive that other WOMEN make a stink about Mother's feeding their children.


    It's not like they hike their shirt up or take it off in public. I see women at the Mall, on TV or at the beach everyday that look way more offensive than Mother feeding her child.

    In fact, I had to stand 2 stair steps behind a woman in a thong in the Bahamas last year:yucky:
    Picture a woman standing 2 stairs ahead of you . . . you know exactly where my face was facing:lol:

    WAY more offensive than a Mother nourishing a child!:yes:
  3. I didn't like nursing in public because I don't like any attention. If I did nurse in public, I did so under a blanket, but also because I wasn't 'stealth' enough to latch the baby on w/o making a scene!:lol:

    It's total ignorance to expect a Mother to feed a baby in a bathroom:throwup:
    I don't know anyone that likes to eat in there:yucky: and I sure as hell would never suggest anyone else go eat in a filthy restroom.
  4. Like you say there was no nipple showing, so as long as its done tastefully I see nothing wrong with it. That's what mothers do!! What's disgusting about that? I mean, of course no one wants to see nipple in public places...but anytime I've seen a woman breastfeeding she's had a blanket over her shoulder. Big deal.
  5. ^ and now that I've seen the picture, its obvious that there is nothing offensive about it.
  6. Her boob is nicer than mine. :sad:
  7. ^it's actually a very sweet photo IMO. . .
    I was bracing myself when I searched for it but was pretty shocked that this photo could create any uproar.
  8. I found this on

    I have no idea in what category this story belongs or who the truly rude parties may have been (maybe all or us) so I shall await your verdict. In 1981, I was waiting tables in a higher-class steak house (not overly formal, but expensive with excellent food and service). Many patrons were somewhat informal in how they dressed, but that is typical of the relaxed attitude of the city in which I live. One evening, I had just served a party of five when I saw one of the women at the table unbutton her blouse, open her bra, expose her breast and begin nursing a infant while she ate. As I could see other patrons at other tables could and were noticing what she was doing, and being too embarrassed (as a nineteen-year-old male) to speak to her directly, I grabbed a waitress and asked her to take one of our oversized napkins to the woman. I hoped the woman might take the hint and use the napkin for a little modesty. When the waitress offered the napkin to the woman, the woman immediately took offense and began loudly to preach that what she was doing was normal and natural and that no one should be offended or embarrassed by it. Her extremely vocal protest was causing more of a scene and drawing more attention than the breast-feeding ever could have. Before the waitress had a chance to react, an older and very refined lady seated at the next table leaned over to this woman, looked directly at her, and let loose a most vociferous belch. She then stated in a calm and sweet voice that that too was normal and natural, but most people refrained from doing it in public.
    The waitress turned white and walked away. Most of the tables sitting nearby whom had heard this exchange burst out in laughter and a little applause. The party of five left quickly while casting quite angry glares at the whole restaurant. Needless to say, I did not get a tip - but I did tip handsomely the poor waitress for her trouble.

    The woman shouldn't have been so obvious about it, but the person who burped really loudly and then said they don't do that in public got it wrong. You CAN do both of those things in public. You just have to be subtle and discreet in doing both. (I'm surprised Miss Manners didn't chastise that lady for being really rude right back!)
  9. I am not a mother nor am I offended by breastfeeding in public. I think the nourishment of a hungry infant is more important than what people think. Just keep it discrete!
  10. I don't get offended at seeing a woman breast feed...its fact I think its great that she is taking the health route and giving her baby a fighting chance at life. However, I have seen women do it...too out there...if it needs to be done just do it and don't make a big deal of it, if you think its ok then everone else around you will too (hopefully)
  11. IMO this is human nature, there is nothing vulgar or rude about a mother breastfeeding a baby in public. I feel that the breast was meant to feed and provide nourishment for babies, in the world we live in today, the breast signifies dirty things such as sex.:flowers:
    Here is the picture so that everyone can see it easily.
  12. As a mother, I DON'T see what the big deal is.:shrugs:
  13. I agree with cindy -- the breast was meant to feed babies, and while some may have other notions about what breasts are for (*cough* sex *cough*), it shouldn't get in the way of mom feeding baby!
    I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old my aunt (my born again Christian aunt) whipped out her breast right in front of me to nurse my baby cousin. I was shocked to see her nipple at first, but then it was like "duh, Luke needs lunch." If I could figure that out at such a tender age, why can't others?
    Plus, it's a baby magazine. What's so bizarre about showing a baby eating on the cover?
    As for sending ladies to the bathroom to breastfeed, would you want to feed your older children lunch in a bathroom?
  14. Not at all! I have no problem with discreet BF'ing in public-i did it. I would just throw a very light blanket over me and the baby. Sitting in a bathroom stall? No way!
  15. i think people need to realize that it's JUST A BOOB! everyone's seen a boob, and half of the population carries them around daily. this social taboo that we have against their natural purpose is beyond ridiculous - we think that it's fine to push them up and halfway out a shirt for the entertainment of men, but try and feed a kid and you get read the riot act. i agree that there needs to be a modicum of discretion used, but how is it going to scar a child to see that? theoretically, they've already seen it - they did it several times a day for many months. there's nothing sexual or vulgar about breastfeeding a baby, and there's certainly nothing sexual or vulgar about that picture.