Baby Suri Waves at Paparazzi

  1. Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and 14-month-old daughter Suri head out for a walk in the gardens of the Eden Roc Hotel on Wednesday morning in Cap d’Antibes, France.
    katie-holmes-steel-heels-01.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-01.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-02.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-03.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-04.jpg
  2. More pics
    tom-suri-garden-in-france-05.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-06.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-07.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-08.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-09.jpg
  3. And the last pics.

    Suri is cute!
    tom-suri-garden-in-france-10.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-12.jpg tom-suri-garden-in-france-11.jpg
  4. She is really cute!
  5. So adorable
  6. So cute!!!
  7. am i the only one who still thinks she looks like a little alien? she really freaks me out... every picture of her it seems as though her eyes are going to start glowing or something:wtf:
  8. She is adorable. They look very happy with her.

    I can’t help but wonder what happened to his adopted kids though? You never see them pictured with them and they always seem to be traveling all over the world with Suri. Also you don’t see Nicole ever pictures with them either. Kind of sad.
  9. she is really cute.
  10. his adopted kids were with Nicole to celiblate her birthday i think :smile:
  11. She is too cute!
  12. I think that is adorable! I love to see Tom's face when he looks at her he is totally besotted. Its lovely.
  13. lovely child
  14. I guess his kids are at school right now. If not, they're probably with theri mom, or grandparents. I've never thought that Tom would favour Suri over his older kids. He always goes to see their soccer/basketball games and he seems a very hands-on dad.
  15. OMGosh she is soooo beautiful!