Baby suri hits

  1. global news.

    HAHA everyone is wondering where this baby is. They mention "We dont even think there is a baby" US weekly reports, Katie/Tom are happy and they are just living their lives.

    Hummm, I dont think there is a baby, Reason tom plays too much up so to hide the baby this long makes no sense.
    I mean I think the birth came perfect to his MI3, but i really dont think many are buying Katie home with the baby.
  2. I guess he will reveal "Suri" when he has new movie...
  3. hmmm...i think you have a point..:yes:
  4. ET just said a birth certificate popped up, and comment from tom was
    they are happy and just enjoying their life.

    Still seems odd!
  5. Hahaha,this is like the biggest baby mystery ever! You'd think new celebrity parents would want to show off their new baby, but these people are so secretive about it.

    If this baby is fake, i'll have a really good laugh! :lol:
  6. Check for the certificate.
  7. i definatley think this baby is fake. Her entire pregnancy and hiding of the baby are way too weird.
  8. It's mighty funny paparazzi doesn't catch them with baby carriers, taking the kid from the hospital, car seats in their vehicles or anything like that. This was a much anticipated birth and no one caught anything?
  9. If it wasnt for the fact that Katie did in fact gain baby weight, I'd think it was bogus too.
  10. not too mention odd looking tummy.
  11. I wonder if she just gained weight in general and wore a fake belly. I mean at times her tummy took on the oddest shapes.

  12. I agree of them just out in the yard getting fresh air.
  13. If I were them, I would keep my baby hidden as well.
  14. Maybe they are punking all of us! I agree there is something fishy about tom & katie hidding Suri..but if she is real she'll probably be used for publicity for one of Tom's new movies. Which is so wrong to use a child like that.
  15. Maybe Suri will show up when MI-3 is out on DVD?