Baby stuff to get in France

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  1. My sister is going to France for a vacation *jealous*
    But she promised to bring something for me and my "baby". I am expecting a baby girl who's due Jan 2011.

    I told her to get me macarons and a nice bag from France. :graucho:
    But what baby stuff that you recommend to get in France? Is there particular French brand that's hard to get here in US? ie: clothing, shoes, blankets, etc?
    Or is there a favorite French baby stuff that you absolutely love?

    Thank you.
  2. i think jacadi is french. but you can find boutiques in the US.
    can't think of any particulary french brand, but maybe she will encounter a gorgeous baby boutique that you don't even know about and can surprise you with a cute luxe blanket or outfit.
    i believe sophie the giraffe is french. i never got into those. but they look cute.

  3. Magda: I'm glad that this pregnancy is going good. Best of luck to you!!
  4. Bonpoint ( very French, often worn by the childern in our royal family (Belgium)
  5. I'm just back from Paris with my 7 month old daughter and there are some lovely things for babies in France. Dou Dou et Companie make some beautiful soft velour toys that are cute for newborns. They have hand puppets that babies love.

    Bonpoint is nice but expensive for what it is. Funnily, Auchan supermarket does some lovely little outfits at a good price..19 euros for trousers, top and jacket..all with applique. Sleepsuits for 8 euros.

    Babies grow REALLY get clothes for 3-6 months and beyond as you'll likely get lots of newborn stuff from friends etc been baby arrives and will be nice to have extra stuff for April / May next year...just remember the seasons and age of baby at the time!

    Good luck with baby..being a mum is a fantastic'll laugh lots and love more than you ever thought you could..
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    Funny you should ask. I just came back from Paris and London and stocked up on my son's wardrobe for the next year, since I think the French clothes are much nicer than American. I did the same last year. Much more classic and traditional, not all cars and sports stuff. As others have mentioned, Bonpoint is lovely, but v. expensive. Ditto for Tartine et Chocolat - fabulous but pricey. If I had a girl, I would have bought out the entire Bonpoint line regardless of cost. There's an amazing Bonpoint boutique in St. Germain des Pres with a lovely cafe and a little playhouse. Jacadi does very cute things and that's predominantly what I buy, since it's hard to find good boys' clothes -- most of their US boutiques have closed and there are only a few left now, and their website is awful, so it's good to buy in France. I also love Petit Bateau, and there are stores everywhere. They make by far the best onesies -- softest cotton, flat seams, good neckholes, etc. They were the only ones I would buy. They do run skinny, though, so best if you have a more petite baby. My son was very TTS, but most people I know think PB runs small.

    They have great toys, lots of wood and well made things, and European safety standards are better than ours in the US, so I would ask her to check them out. Gallerie Lafayette (big Parisian dept. store) has a fabulous baby toy section in the middle of the children's clothing floor.
  7. OMG Thank you all so very much for your input. I am making a huge list for my sister :smile:
    This is her first niece so I am sure she'll be so "nice" to her :smile: Thank you all again.
    Need to note so she will buy >3 months clothes instead of newborns.

    Is Bonpoint the store that was closed when Michelle Obama was there with her daughters? :P

    Hi kcf68:
    Yes I am keeping my fingers crossed. 22 weeks today :biggrin:
  8. I :heart: French children's clothes, especially the colorful and whimsical ones from Catimini. DD wears a lot of it! In addition, I also buy from Jacadi, Bonpoint, Tartine et Chocolat and TroiZenfantS.
  9. Catimini is a fave of mine too. Their fall line for boys this year is exceedingly disappointing though. I can't remember if the girl's stuff was cuter.

    Forgot to mention Berlingot, another good brand for clothing and little soft toys. There are also some good lines of organic bedding, etc. Gallerie Lafayette has it on the same kids' floor I mentioned earlier. If your sis is going to be in Paris, she should definitely just go there. Last time, I ran all over to the boutiques, and after checking out GL, I am kicking myself.

    Oh, and on Sophie la Girafe, the maker is Vulli. They have some other cute BPA free things also; I ordered one of the little mushroom guys and a teether here, but the line is much easier to get in France.
  10. Huge huge thanks! Yes... my sis will appreciate the one-shop shopping at GL or Bon Marche.
    Thanks for the tips on what brands to look for. Can't wait.
  11. I got some cute stuff from petit bateau for my nephew and niece when I visited Paris a couple years ago.
  12. I forgot about Petit Bateau: the best underwear for children; it is undestructible!
  13. Sophie the giraffe is a must...! Bon Point is amazing but VERY expensive....Get your sister to pop into a Geant supermarket as they have great baby clothes..Petit Bateau etc and very good value...Also there is a lovely baby wash range...Powders ,massage oils that I still get for my 3 but the name has slipped my mind When I get home from work I will let you know..!
  14. My daughter has a Sophie which she loves. It's got a squeaker and is bend so she can chew on it.

    On Bonpoint, there is an outlet (discounted clothing) at LA VALLEE. It's the stop before Disneyland on the metro A line. Lots of designer shops such as Salvatore Ferragamo,Lancel, RalphLauren, Agnes b, Longchamp etc...(google la Vallee discount village and you'll find the website as on mobile so can't cut and paste link). Next door is VAL DE EUROPE a large shopping centre which has lots of great shops for children in Petite Bateau etc..

    It takes about 40 mins from centre of Paris.

    Kaloo is another soft toy manufacturer.
  15. I got a couple of cute things from a shop at Val de Europe but couldn't remember the name of it. I've found a website tho that sells the stuff so might be the same

    I bought a little pink waistcoat as it was adorable (with the embroidery). Also got a pair of grey trousers and a little shirt to make up an outfit.