baby stroller on sale ?

  1. hi gals i want to get the burberry baby stroller but i was wondering if any of you saw any on sale in a boutique near you?
    if so please please pleeeeeeeeeeease give me the location and if possible the number of the boutique , before i buy one here,as they sell them here fully priced as it is sold in baby boutiques and not a burberry one.

    thanx aloooooooooot
    i would appreciate the help :smile:;)
  2. I have not seen a Burberry one on sale. You can try calling some burberry outlet stores.
  3. I too would love one, but I've only seen it at the Burberry store.
  4. I have only seen it at Burberry - not online!
  5. I saw it at the Duty Free Shops here its $600 my friend is working there she could get it less 25% employees discount and its only $450 nice deal right?
  6. hi burberry gals...
    sorry i took along time replying but i just had my baby boy and things are crazy around here!
    thanks to all of u...
    i really need one now i dont care if its on sale i just need one baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
    but we dont have a burberry boutique here so if u have seen one in a boutique near u pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease give me their location..
    thanks aloooooooooooooot
  7. i was in vegas last weekend and saw the stroller in one of the stores there. i can't remember if it was in the venetian or the forum shops.
  8. You can order it online from Saks and Neiman Marcus. Saks is having their EGC event today if that helps. :smile: I am sure you can find it at other online stores too if you do a google search. I haven't seen it on sale since it was released.

    Congratulations on your baby boy! :yahoo:I would get a snap and go and use the infant car seat until baby is a few months old and then use the Maclaren. You might want something a bit more secure for a newborn.

    Try to get some rest...having a newborn can be exhausting. Let me just share one book/DVD that was a lifesaver with a newborn: Happiest Baby on the Block. I wish I had read it sooner. The time goes by fast so enjoy your baby boy!
  9. I saw one full priced this weekend at the Burberry store at South Coast Plaza
  10. thanx this point im not looking for one at sale i'll buy one fully priced i just need to know where it is available..
    thank god for Saks!
    i'll order one nowwwwwww

    thanx aloooot
    ur right im exhausted and the day goes by like a flash...there is just not enogh time! thanx for the dvd reccomendation i'll order it for amazon but i didnt understand what u meant by getting a maclaren?
    please do explain..need all the help i can get at this point :smile:
  11. I have the burberry stroller, it's great now that the baby is 1yr but it was not a good stroller when she was an infant. You might want to get one a bit more secure.
  12. love shopping

    i was wondering about that too.i havent seen one in person ..thanx for giving me the heads up..i appreciate it:smile:


    thanx alooooot..
    i appreciate it :smile:

  13. Solitair, I am sorry I should have mentioned that Maclaren makes the Burberry stroller. I just meant that with a newborn, you might want to use your infant car seat and a snap and go or universal. Or use a stroller with a bassinett. The Burberry stroller is beautiful, but it doesn't offer enough support for a newborn. I would use something else for the first 3 months and then put your son in the Burberry.

    Try to get someone to watch your son (like Dh) for a couple of hours so you can get an uninterrupted block of sleep. Sleeping without listening for the monitor can be so refreshing. I also found even just going to the drug store for diapers for a half-hour by myself helped, too. The first few months are the hardest. But just wait for that first smile and it will all be worth it!:heart:
  14. nypersonalshopper

    ur right about so glued to my son that i dont know what im gonna do when i get back to gonna freak out! its so hard for me to seperate from him.. maybe cause its my firt child?
    for now my mom watches my son for a coulpe houres and i go to the strangest houres of sleep( i sleep like a feelings of the surrondings what so ever)..i started looking for a stroller with a bassenet and i took ur advice and postponed the burberry for a while...

    thanx for everything..its so great talking to someone who shares the obsession of bags and newborns!