Baby Stroller- for 'Under 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

  1. I've been very jealous at all the posts in Lescoy's Fab thread Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas! :tup:and thought why can't the younger members have their own thread? :yes:

    Being only 23 I can't yet join the Zimmer thread, so does anyone want to join this 'stroller' thread?

    This is the basis of the zimmer thread
    "Tell us your experiences with your friends, relatives and work mates - do they think you are crazy with your designer cravings? We'd love to hear from you on your new purchases, your wishlists and current collection (not just Chloe) "

    Who wants to share??? :flowers:

  2. I'm so far into the stroller that my own Mum (if she was at all into bags) would be in this category too! I'm 20 and she's 37!

    Anyway, I'm not faithful to one designer at all. In fact there's no designer I own two bags by! I have but one Chloe, a bleu nuit paddington which is the love of my life :love:
  3. Oh what a fabulous Chloe to have as ur first and only Chloe! :tup:What other designers do you 'swing' with then? :graucho:

    I have some Lv and Mulberry but Chloe is def. my true bag love! :heart:
  4. Hmmm... I think I need a third thread, I'm 34, so not a baby by any means, but not over 40 -YET - either! LMAO!

    Multiple Chloe's at 23, I'm impressed!
  5. For the purposes of this thread you can be a baby :yes:, I don't think the over 40's really need zimmers either :nogood: Maybe both threads should have come up with more member friendly names? :confused1:

    I'm very lucky to have my two Chloes at 23, my DH likes to remind me of this fact often :rolleyes:

    How old was everyone when they got their first Chloe? I got my first last year (at 22.)
  6. I'm 31 but I'm already in the zimmer frame :lol:
  7. Cross over and join us here.................You know you want to...........:yes::yes::yes::yes:
  8. I am 35, married with 3 kids....where do I fit in???
  9. im 22 and my friends and BF think im mad!
    i love my bags they make me very happy!
    i love this thread to its about time us younger obsessed people have our own thread on here!!!
  10. ......i was 20 when i got my first chloe, all bought and paid for by me:tup:
    makes it more special esp after working so hard whilst studying!

    however i sold this beauty and regret it very much:tdown:

    im now hooked and even have a couple of new bags coming!!! cant wait!
  11. I got my first Chloe at 34.....but have since then accunulated a very nice collection of them.
  12. I'm almost 23 and got my first paddington (and 06 choc) about a year ago.

    There is nothing like your first, but it's a downward spiral for your credit card!

    I find that I can justify things more now. My partner no longer asks when I got what, and how much I've spent! My parents know better too!
  13. I just got my first Chloe a couple months ago, at 34. No current plans for a second, but it's fun to live vicariously through all you find ladies!
  14. Hrm... well I'm not over 40 (26, actually) so it looks like I'm in this thread!

    I adore chloe - the bags, the clothes, the accessories, everything! I couldn't live without my myrte sunnies or my paddies!

    I have a fair bit of of MJ and MBMJ stuff, even though I'm not really a fan LOL - it's some weird quirk I have where I think I love them, then go off them after I own them :noggin:I have an immense fondness for Balenciaga (even though I SWORE this wouldn never happen) and Chanel, but Chloe is my first love.

    My BF is very nice and just nods and smiles whenever I go bag-crazy... as I said in another thread, I think he thinks that bags are just some weird chick-thing that guys don't get... like tampons or a fear of cockroaches.
  15. Oh I go for a bit of everything! Fendi & YSL are the other 2 in my top 3, then Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu. Hell I just love bags!

    I was 18 when I got my fist (and only) Chloe - then I nearly cried when I went on holiday for a month and couldn't bring it with me!