Baby Steps

  1. Ok. So I'm new to the forum and new to Coach and have never really spent $ on myself- The family always came first. I'm ready to make a purchase, which my practical self would never do! I've got to ease myself into this... I'll start out with a charm and wristlet. I really like a monkey charm that I saw once but I can't find it on Where can I get one of these babies/monkey charm?
  2. Welcome Donna and I am new pretty much also. I started out slow and then it went downhill. I did want the monkey also and I was fortunate to find out about the outlets and he was one of my first purchases I got there right after Christmas. I paid about 20 for him at the outlet and I have not seen him there since. I do see them on eBay a lot. Good luck and have fun enjoying your new purchases when you make them.
  3. I'll most definetly look into outlets! It's time for me now:yes:
  4. congrats on the 'you time' and the charm and wristlet is a great starting point
  5. welcome and you will enjoy your wristlet and charm... you'll get alot of uses for them =0
  6. Donna,

    I turned 50 this past month and never really thought much about a nice purse because I always had other obligations like family but I made sure I had an extended birthday and did find some nice coach bags and additional coach items. I think we earned it! <s>
  7. you could probobly find it at an outlet, but if its not there i would look on ebay
  8. :sad: Help.
    I've decided on the following for my first Coach purchase:
    What is the max I should pay for the wristlet? For the charm?