baby stam!

  1. after a long time of deliberating, i think i need to add a baby stam to my collection... just a few quick questions (sorry! please bear with me:heart:)

    -i've found a few on eBay for ~$600... has anyone seen any in dept. stores lately that i could find a better deal on? (i live in NYC) i want a turq. or python one...

    - is the chain THAT uncomfortable? i have really bony shoulders (:p) but i have the stam hobo and don't mind wearing it with the chain or the handles

  2. Last I heard, which was last week, there were several stores that still had the turquoise and cream python baby stams for cheap($550 plus 33% off)... I don't know if they sold out, but maybe a Saks SA can look it up for you. NM is worth a try too, an SA can do a store search for you.
  3. thank you SO much... i'm desperate:smile:

    ETA: sorry to sound so naive, but i can just call Saks, and they'll do a search for me? was the 33% off a known sale deal? i want this bag so badly now, probably bc it's not readily available!
  4. It's a known sale, but there were quite a few stores that still had it when I was calling around. A SA could do a computer search and then charge send the bag to you if it's still available. Both dept stores can do it.

    As for the chain, I think it bothers some girls, other it doesn't.... I see it as more as an occasional bag so I wouldn't fill it up to the point where it would be heavy on the shoulder.
  5. thank you so much thithi:smile:

    i just called Saks nyc and they're putting one on hold for me to pick up tomorrow am... the SA was difficult to understand (heavyy accent) but i think it comes to only 417.00:tup:
  6. Yay!! Congrats on your new baby stam! That's quite a deal!!
  7. That's a great deal!! Congrats! Can't wait for you to get it. :yes:
  8. i once saw it for $485 and it went quickly. i should have got one... too late!

    i've been wanting one for a while. that's a really good deal. hope you liked your new stam! :yes: