Baby Stam with longer shoulder strap?

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  1. I am contemplating purchasing a Baby Stam in black, but would like to know from all of you current Baby Stam owners if this bag can possible be worn (if you attach a longer strap, either chain or leather) across your body like a mini messenger bag?

    I like this look for going out at night as it is very "rock chic." My only concern is that the Baby Stam may actually be too big and look clumsy worn this way. Help!!

    Also, any pics with your baby stam would be beyond!
  2. i think the baby stam is MUCh bigger than the name implies (well i guess compared to reg stam but.... I'm used to much smaller bags...)
  3. yes, the baby stam actually is pretty sizeable... the strap is not long enough to wear as a messenger though. I think graceful posted some pics of her black baby stam in the reference thread if you want to see the bag being worn by someone.