Baby stam in violet ...?

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  1. i would like to buy the baby stam in violet but i don't find it on eluxury ,net -à-porter, saks...
    please say me where i can find it on web ..♥
  2. My best guess is ebay, it ought to end up there someday! I know, totally not helping :P
  3. thanks secret shopper ...hihi
  4. um..they are like rare...super rare....rarer than an icey petrol stam x 100. i remember way back in the day, a violet stam (regular size) popped up on UK ebay. this was right when the craze first took off, and this bag was identified and authenticated as a fall 05 icey violet on TFS. This was way before i knew about PF too, and i remember how insane i thought that was. From what I have heard, the violet and bordeaux icey from 05 was made in an extremely limited quantity and basically sold to MJ's friends and folks who went to the fashion shows....they dont pop up ever like the occasional taupe or icey black ones.....and in that UK auction that violet bag sold for between 4-5000 pounds.....which is about 8-10,000 american
  5. Is this the same baby stam?
    It's gingarita's pic--didn't she find it on the bay a month or so ago?
  6. ^Oops my bad--I see from the pic that that color is plum.
    I guess I've never seen violet for the stam.
  7. whoopsies...the violet bag sold for $3200 pounds, which is like $6000 american.

    here's pics of the petrol, bordeaux and violet (named after pixar THE INCREDIBLES character)

    Attached Files:

  8. here are the bordeaux and violet lightened a bit, because the pics were so dark:

    Attached Files:

  9. From the pic, that violet looks kind of like this fall's quilted purple--are they similar?
    That's cute that it was named after the girl on the Incredibles! I'm surprised then, that there wasn't a bag named after the very funny costume-designer in that movie (forget her name--the short lady with the accent).
  10. I know shoptwigs sells the baby stam in purple for the moment ...


  11. Sorry to be OT, but-

    OMG:sweatdrop:. . .I would DIE if I could get my hands on an icy bordeaux stam or a venetia for that mater. . .I guess a girl can dream:girlsigh:
  12. except for the Icy texture/suede lining (which I'll admit -- are TDF!!), the Violet does look very similar to this season's "purple" -- they both have that grape-ish/plum-like tone to them -- and the leather on this season's stams are ALMOST as soft as the first season stams. I think that's why I like them so much!

    since violet is almost impossible to find, maybe this season's purple would be a nice alternative.
  13. Maybe she's referring more to the purple quilted baby stam? It's not even worth considering a violet baby at this point, but I'm sure the purple is a lot more accessible.

    You could maybe try calling one of the MJ boutiques in Europe to see if they have it available and could ship it to you.
  14. oo:huh:oo ladies,thanks for all precious informations ♥♥...
    JOKE...'s this one stam purple fall winter 2008...

    it's serious this web site shoptwigs?
    i would say it's serious like eluxury?