Baby Stam in Topaz...good price?

  1. While shopping at Nordies with a couple of fellow TPFers (;)), I came across a MJ baby stam in topaz for $500 with tax.

    Is this a good price? :confused1:

    The color is very pretty, but I am not too crazy about the brown canvas lining. I also worry that it may be too small, which is probably why the chain doesn't seem to be bad on the shoulder...not much fits inside.

    Has anyone seen these cheaper elsewhere?

    Does anyone own a baby stam in this color?

    Is it hard to coordinate with outfits?
    Is a :tup: or a :tdown: buy? Thanks for your input! :yes:
    Bstam1.jpg Bstam2.jpg
  2. Hmm, I'm also curious, as I've also just acquired one for roughly the same price!

    I think the color is gorgeous and goes with browns and blacks alike. My only complaint is that my ZC doesn't fit in it! I'd have to change wallets in order to use the bag!
  3. :yes: I agree! I am bummed we cannot fit our ZC. So the price is not unusual...I just know that some MJ's over $800 can be bought for under $500-if one gets lucky.
  4. It's a good price for a newer release baby stam. It's a tad on the smaller side, but I still think it's a lovely bag. And the brown canvas means that smudges won't show up as easily.
  5. Thats a good price :tup:
  6. Thanks thithi! :yes:

    You are right about the brown canvas being a bonus. I never thought about it that way!

    I will give it a few days to see what happens. It is a cute bag.

    Thanks for you input, cherrie!
  7. gr8heart, I think I'm done thinking! I wish I could justify keeping the bag...but I've way overspent my bag budget last month! I however, still think that the price is AWESOME and it's such a beautiful color...if you can justify keeping it, do it!

    Totally OT, but I went to school in MN! I miss it must be super-green and beautiful right about now, yeah?
  8. Hi Cfemme,

    I completely understand! :yes: I just received a cute white bag from Zappos (a Cynthia Rowley Corrine) and I should stop buying bags. It is so hard to stop!

    I think the baby stam in topaz will be a cute 'going out' bag, but I'm not so sure. I wanted to get tips from the girls on here, but maybe not too many people have the baby stams.

    How cool that you lived here in MN! But SF is wonderful!!! Yes, it is very green and a little hot and humid. We have the longest days right now, and the sunshine makes me :smile: happy! There are some great sales, too!
  9. I think it would great as a evening bag, or even as a daytime bag for running errands. It's really beautiful. But if you're not 100% in love, or don't think you'll use it as much as you'd like, then maybe go with something else.
  10. gr8heart dear, you're so sweet =) I wish I could visit MN right about now! My friend opened a restaurant recently and I'm wistful thinking about the nice weather, I wouldn't even mind the humidity! I miss Lake Calhoun and would love to shop the sales!

    Guess what? I didn't return the bag. Yet. I just can't give her up! I keep wondering if Topaz is going to be one of those colors that people will fall in love with after it's gone. Also, thithi is right, it is a great evening bag. Have you made any progress with your decision yet? It does seem like not many people have opinions on the little stam!
  11. I just saw in the sale thread you're headed out to MOA to return the little stam!

    I'm in talks with a seller on eBay right now for the ursula quilted bowler I've loved since day one and I think I'm going to return ms. little stam to finance ms. ursula =)
  12. :yes: Oh, I hope everything turned out well with the Ursula! Please post pics!