baby stam in gold on sale NM!!!

  1. So cute! somebody grab this!
  2. Someone grab this baby!!!! come on lol
  3. Got one! :yahoo:

    Looks like I didn't get the last one either! Hurry hurry hurry!
  4. it's gone...
  5. :crybaby:
  6. It's back! :yahoo:
  7. I was about to say, I still see it as available!
  8. definitely gone now
  9. Well, not holding my breath for the bag actually...especially since NM is notorious for cancelling orders due to insufficient stock.

    I also hope these baby stams are in good from the other MJ Gold Baby Stam thread that some tPFers received theirs in poor condition...
  10. that's so cute!
  11. I got the Gold baby stam today, and I'm not 100% in love with it...I'd rather put the money towards getting a Chanel.

    So, here's the heads up to check out next week when they repost it!
  12. no one but me liked this bag lol .
  13. how is the condition of the bag? new or beat up? thanks for letting us know!!!
  14. The condition of the bag is 100% new. It has the burgundy suede leather inside, and all the tags. It didn't come in an MJ dustbag though, but just a plain one. It has a plastic wrapping on the chain.

    It's a lovely bag, but I find the shade of gold a bit too bright for my taste...I thought it would look more vintage-y!