Baby Stam colors


Dec 24, 2005
Hello all-
I think gloss_gal asked this in the baby stam thread, but just so we are sure to get an answer: in what colors is the little stam currently available? And, when will the spring line be available, and what are those colors? Many thanks!
* Resort 06 (in stores now) *
QUILTED CLASSIC Little Stam ($795USD): Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Saddle Brown
QUILTED FABRIC AND PYTHON Little Stam ($895USD): Ivory, Beige, Light Grey, Navy, Olive

* Spring 07 (1/07-4/07) *
QUILTED CLASSIC Little Stam ($795USD): Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural {1/07-2/07}
PATCHWORK Little Stam ($USD): Black, Beige, Slate {2/07-3/07}
PATCHWORK METALLIC Little Stam ($995USD): Bronze, Deep Purple, Blush, Lavender, Silver {3/07}