Baby squirrel learns to purr when adopted by mother cat

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  1. My SO showed me this, and I had my "awwww" moment.

  2. Lemme know when it meows.

  3. How sweet! Animals are amazing.
  4. Aww! Baby squirrels are completely fearless.:biggrin:
  5. make me smile
  6. Sooooo cute!
  7. Aww... thanks for posting this! :love:
  8. Aw, that's so sweet! :love:
  9. Ack, so cute! I usually don't like squirrels but baby anything is automatically 1000x cuter.
  10. omg i want him!!! so cute!
  11. :love:
  12. OMG!!! I looove the fluffy baby squirrel. i wanna have him :hugs:
  13. I saw this and just fell head over heels in lurve with baby purrin squirrel:love::love::love::love:
  14. awww ... thanks for sharing. made me smile
  15. So adorable! :heart: