Baby Spy Zucca

  1. Can people who own a baby spy post pics please. I have just bought the one with brown leather and zucca print. Im not totally sure what its called i just call it the baby spy, all i know is its from the Spy range. With the zip instead of the flap that goes over the front with the little compartment.

    I will post pics when i can.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I own it once but I exchange it for the Selleria instead. Still, I will say the baby zucca spy is gorgeous and very roomy. I managed to carry quite some stuff in it.
  3. Is this the one?
  4. the baby zucca is gorgeous!! it's currently my favorite. i tried to upload my photos but there's a memory limit so i'll try to take more pictures later. still new at this...the bag's very roomy and you get easy access to stuff unlike the speedy coz the zip goes all around.

    caveat though.... the screw connecting the leather pull to the zip gets loose easily. you might have to tighten that coz mine almost fell off 2x. i saw one posted by pinchrosemary without the leather pull.. i heard some ladies got the same problem, too...

    CONGRATS ON YOUR PURCHASE!!! :yes: :drool::heart::heart:
  5. I love that one! I'm thinking about getting one--right now I have several regular spys--and they're gorgeous, but this one looks just the right size! Congratulations!:yes:
  6. Hi,

    The baby spy is beautiful.
    SA at Fendi told me it is called Piccolo, please don't quote me on the spelling though.
    The Blueberry one is georgous:yes:
  7. Hi

    It's a gorgeous bag. Haven't seen it in real life but it looks amazing in that pic.
  8. Yes thats the one, so cute lol. Thanks for posting the pic. Who is it in the pic?
  9. They have baby spy in blueberry? :yahoo: Could you let me know where?

  10. They are so cute in real life. I saw some at Bloomingdales last weekend. I never liked them from the pictures, but seeing in person got me hooked.
  11. I have one! I LOVE IT!! It is not HUGE, but just the right size. It was love at first sight!
  12. I love your bag!! It is exactly what I want. I've only been able to find it here: Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag. In the description it says soft brown leather, but it looks dark to me. And the zucca print looks darker as well. I wonder if it is just the picture? I want one that looks lighter, like yours! It's gorgeous!
  13. I didn't know theres so many names for it but I love how they call it the puffer fish in asia. ^^

    Oh! I managed to dig out the old picture of my baby Zucca Spy..


  14. The one i have is the one on Jomashop's site. I think its just the light. I think there is only one version of it. That price is very good. According to other posts on this site, Jomashop are authentic. The retail for mine was 1100. So good deal!!! You will love it.:heart: Its not very small in my opinion. Good luck!!!!!!!!:yes:
  15. Oh and the leather is dark brown, not light.