Baby Spy vs. Spy


To Spy or not to Spy?!

  1. Buy the Baby Spy

  2. Save and buy the regular Spy

  3. Buy an LV

  4. Other - please provide suggestion thx!

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  1. Okay here I am still on the fence with Fendi.
    To Spy or not to Spy that is the question!

    I really have my heart set on a Spy bag... but the price just kills me. :crybaby:Especially after some of the horror stories I have heard about their quality. So I was thinking about going with the Baby Spy. Do you think this will stop me from obsessing over the Spy? :shrugs: Or should I just hang tight and save for the regular Spy? I am not one to sell my bags so if I get the Baby Spy and realize that I still want the regular Spy I will simply be SOL.

    And of course the third option would be to go the tried and true route of getting another LV. That way I know I will be getting what I paid for.

    Ah the girls life.... :girlsigh:

    TIA for all your input! :flowers:
  2. Lisa, in the beginning of the year I was the biggest SPY hater!!!:nuts: I called them "walnut with handles"!!!:lol: Then I saw my first SPY bag (by accident) IRL at the store!!! It was love at first site!!! SPY bags are truly breathtaking and HAVE to been seen in person to be appreciated!!! After I bought my first one, I wanted to get a baby SPY next. I tried it on and it looked really silly on me (I am 5'8") so I ended up with another regular SPY instead. If your heart is set on a medium SPY, wait and save up for the bag that you truly want and going to love. Don't go and get another LV just for the sake of getting another bag. Keep checking eBay. Sometimes you can luck out and get an authentic pre-loved SPY at a decent price there. As for the quality, I haven't experienced anything with any of my bags yet, but I haven't had them for too long and don't use them every day, so I can't really tell you one way or another. All I can tell you is that workmanship of a SPY bag is truly amazing! Leather is SO SOFT and that leather smell is TO DIE FOR! The only downside I see in owning a SPY is you are never satisfied with owning just one!;)
  3. Lisa, I am 5 foot nothing and loving my Spy. The baby Spy is such a's for the wannabes. (sorry no offence intended).. just feel that you must really like the baby Spy to get it and not just settle for it just because you yearned for a Spy. Buying a bag is just the start of the love affair. You carry, caress it everyday and you must really want it to get the relationship going...
  4. Lisa,
    May I recommend my website:
    Handbags: Deals and Steals
    I post authentic Fendi spies that I spot on ebay, and try to limit it to ones under retail.
  5. ok so here goes... baby spy v. reg spy a little side by side... i put the same items i tend to carry around in each... yay! and then a little group photo too.. heeee
    spyvspy01.jpg spyvspy02.jpg
  6. The heart wants what the heart wants. Save your money and get the regular Spy.
  7. Yes, get the regular spy. It is so much more luxurious than the baby one. I tried on both, but came home with the regular one, & never regreted it. I wanted the zucca & silver metallic, & they are both so different that I had to have both. I think that the regular spy is more impressive, for sure.
  8. if you love the baby spy, then get it because it's really really cute! But also imagine how you would feel if let's say you were walking down the street with your baby spy and you passed by someone with the regular spy...would that bother you? It seems shallow but it's something to think about. =) (not like bags are all that deep anyway! LOL!)
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! :flowers: The pics helped SO much! The baby spy is bigger that I originally thought but the medium Spy really has my heart. :love: It just started raining yesterday which means it wont stop until summer next year - gotta love Oregon! :lol: So I am thinking about just getting it when the rain starts to let up. Plus that gives me more time to save up. :graucho: We go to Florida next month so it is pretty safe to say that I will be spending every last cent while I am down there. :upsidedown: But when I get back I will be *officially* saving for my new Spy bag! :yahoo:

    PS. Someone please take my credit card away - I am seriously tempted to use it! :hysteric: Want Spy bag NOW!
  10. I really like the regular spy bags but im so short.when i tried it on my arm,it's almost like COVER my body! :sad: ...REALLY..,,, so i tried it on shoulder but still too big for me..WAY TOO BIG! but i really like the leather so im thinking about the baby spy bag.i dont like the baby spy at all.i personally think the look of it is just too normal .....BUT I LIKE THE LEAHTER!! sumone help me!!! V___V
  11. i would go for the regular spy! :love:
  12. Save for the regular spy, I went to the store today and tried on both--the regular spy is worth every penny in my opinion,
  13. i LOVE the spy... i loved it the very first time i saw it.. when the baby came out i thought i would buy it cuz of the price but its no where as good as the real one. save the money if you like it soo much...

    when you see IRL its to die for. i saw the white one and said it was my cloud of heaven and i hugged the bag and didnt want to let go..
  14. I have a baby spy & I love it. I never wanted the original size since I'm so petite (almost 5'3 105-110 lbs) and a little self conscious about it. The bigger the bag, the smaller I look :sad: It's about the size of a LV Speedy 25 & perfect for me! I can even fit my arm through the handle and carry it on my shoulder.... LOL. But then again, I WANTED the baby spy. Do not settle for something you truly are not in love with. It will only end badddd.

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  15. I SOOO... agreee!!! I'm now onto my 4th spy!