Baby Spy vs. Larger Spy

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  1. I'm a spy virgin, and i recently tried on a large spy (retailed over $2k) at a sample sale (selling for $1400). it was way too big & cumbersome for me.

    i've never held a baby spy, so i'm wondering is there a significant difference between the baby spy and the regular spy that i see most women carry?

    how much can the baby hold?

    i know there's that difference between the zip top and the flap top, any other differences other than the opening?

    i have an order placed for a baby zucca spy which i saw on the celeb thread and thought it was too cute.

  2. besides the differences that you described it's mostly the size that's most apparent. I also find the regular spy to be too big for my frame and prefer the baby. The baby also holds quite a lot.
  3. The baby to me does feel significantly smaller and still holds a lot. However, I have to say I have gotten to like the size of the large spy. At first I thought it was too big--not anymore!

    The other difference is the regular spy I can carry over my shoulder, and the baby has to be handheld or in my elbow crook.
  4. I know I'm a minority here, but I've personally never liked the large spy for the same reasons. I love the little one though; I've heard it holds about as much as an LV speedy. this might be a good bag for you to consider. good luck with your decision! : )
  5. The baby is cute, especially in the denim. They are just two different bags really
  6. I have a the baby zucca and it holds quite a bit. I usually carry in it my LV zippy wallet, cell phone, camera, sunglasses, and snacks for my daughter. I think it's bigger than it appears to be. The bad thing is that you can't carry it on your shoulder, but other than that it's really cute.
  7. I love both spies - except I'm not a big bag person therefore the large spy is too big for me and as much as I love the baby spy I can't carry it over my shoulder. I really, really want a spy I just wish the large spy was half the size :shrugs: Don't want much do I ladies :roflmfao:
  8. i used to think the spy was too large also (I am 5.2"), and originally got the baby spy.
    I just didnt like it at all, and ended up with the regular spy, which for me now, is THE perfect bag.
  9. I had the regular Spy and sold it as it was too large for my daily needs - got the Baby and she holds a ton, perfect for me!
  10. Both are my favourites and I've owned the baby zucca before. It looks small on picture but honestly it isn't. I can fit quite a number of stuff in it and even though I'm petite, the regular spy doesn't really look that big on me.
  11. Here are pics of what goes into my Baby Spy... with room to spare! :nuts:



    p6.jpg p7.jpg p8.jpg
  12. ^^^ Oh Addy, you're so well organized! :girlsigh: I love the matching damier!!
  13. I've had both, and I ended up selling my big spy in favor of the small one. It DOES hold a lot! It's as big as the 3 pound roast I just made. :graucho:

    FYI, it holds my bagmate, which is 5 x 8 x 3.5 with a little room to spare on the ends.

    The large one looked great on me, because I'm plus-sized, but at the same time was cumbersome. It was wayy too "poofy". I like large bags that drape, like my Bal. courrier or a leather hobo or bucket bag. IMHO.

    Good luck!
  14. Addy, you put my bags to shame ;)

    so lovely and neat and tidy, i rummage around mine alot more than you would need to :biggrin:
  15. I am also a baby spy lover as well. I love the regular spy but there are so many knock offs for that bag so I ended up getting a baby spy. Now I have two and I love it. Good luck with your search.