Baby spy vs... chanel?

  1. Hi Ladies, I know that all of you are going to be slightly biased in this... but I'm debating whether or not I should buy a zucca baby spy or a chanel ultimate soft [I'm graduating next week and should be getting a lot of $$]

    Is the baby spy as timeless as a chanel? Is the zucca print tooooo trendy? I would go for it in a solid color but I really really love how flashy the print is... but is it appropriate for all occasions like the US would be? :confused1:

    I'm really torn on this! I've DROOOOLING over the baby spy for months, but I'm realizing that I need a bag that I can take out shopping as well as to a formal job interview [I'm really lazy. I hate swapping out bags.]

    You ladies are the best! :heart: Thanks!
  2. The spy bag itself is a trendy bag, you would be better going with the Chanel.
  3. Between those two i would go for the Chanel, i'm not a real big baby spy fan!!

    Do you already have a larger spy? If not i'd get a larger spy they are georgous bags.

    Good luck with your graduation:smile:
  4. thanks for the opinions!

    It really only told me what I already though to be true :sad:

    the baby spy would be my first fendi, and I really do think the large spy would be too big for me [I'm 5'4"]
  5. I am not a fan of the baby spy myself, it looks a little weird to me so of these 2 I would go for Chanel!! But I am 5'1" and just got my first spy, I don't think it would too large on you at all! It's all in how you wear it ;) So my vote is for Chanel (or a Spy)!! :flowers:
  6. I LOVE the Baby Spy but I would go with a Chanel.
  7. can you post a pic of the chanel you are considering? personally, I think I'd lean toward a chanel, but I have a few spys already, and I don't like zucca too much, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask!
  8. My favourite label is Fendi. That being said if you are talking about the Chanel classic flap, I would definitely get that over the baby spy. It is so timeless. At one point I was tossing up between a baby paddington and a black caviar jumbo flap. I went with the latter. As mentioned they are timeless and they are so classy. I reckon mine will last long enough for me to pass on to my daughter (provided I have a girl in the future!)

    Once you have conquered the Chanel, I say go for the spy!
  9. Chanel!
  10. I'd like to see a photo of the Chanel for comparison, but I would say it depends on your lifestyle and clothing and such.

    I have several Chanels & even though I am a Baby Boomer in the Check-Out Generation (oh to retire soon!:yahoo: ) as I call it (aka A Dinosaur) sometimes the Chanel is just a wee bit too structured, conservative & trendy in a youthful sort of way (like the Cambon). The Fendis scream earthiness, sensuality and a touch of wildness to them in a neat lady-like little package & I get more day to day use out of them.

    Love the Zucca, and I am not a monogram oriented purse lady, but the colors & glow go with so many things & I adore it. However, I have no baby spy :sad: (hard to believe) so can't comment here on this particular model. If you like zucca, I highly recommend the Zucca Tortuga (no Nappa) regular spy...:yes:
  11. [​IMG]

    This is the only really good pic. I can find! Hope the member doesn't mind that I'm reposting her photo--but it's only cause it's such a hot purse!

    Thanks all!
  12. Personally, for me it would be the chanel, but like others have said, it depends on your personal style and what you've already got!
  13. Now that one i like:yes: ! Not too conservative, not too trendy...good choice, think I agree with the others, Chanel!:nuts:
  14. Definitely the Chanel. I don't like the zucca print, and a baby spy isn't as classic as a Chanel bag. You can always save up and get the baby spy later. :smile: The Chanel would definitely serve you the best in the meantime.
  15. I think the Chanel is more of a classic bag IMO