Baby Spy on BlueFly

  1. Thanks for the heads up ... but with all the authenticity issues lately, I'm reluctant to buy from Bluefly. Especially with this color because there are superfakes of this style and color already out there. Someone could have already taken the authentic one and returned the superfake to Bluefly.
  2. I'm so sad that Bluefly is having bag problems! It seems like such a great resource.
  3. I think I want a baby spy! its adorable. grrrrrrrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. It's such a bummer that Bluefly has been selling fakes. :sad:

    That bag is SO cute! I'm afraid to order from them, though.
  5. You guys are really getting me hooked on this baby spy :love:
  6. A few pictures...
    spy31.jpg baby3.jpg spys.jpg
  7. Great bags! I love them both!! Enjoy them
  8. :heart: :heart: :heart: zucca is the best baby spy!!! love your skinny jeans too!
  9. BTBF, I LOVE your bags! Congrats! You look awesome with the baby zucca spy!
  10. Thanks! :smile:
  11. did u get that baby zucca spy from bluefly?
  12. how much was the baby? i NEED one lol! looks great on you!
  13. I just got my baby spy, it's adorable. And huge!! I don't think I carry enough stuff to fill it up even :amuse:. I got it from Bluefly for 1040.00 I don't have any issues with them. I think they just got a load of BBags that didn't quite work out. Here's some photos
    IMG_4270.jpg IMG_4271.jpg IMG_4272.jpg IMG_4273.jpg IMG_4274.jpg