Baby spy in white anywhere??

  1. hi,
    does anyone know where i might be able to locate a white baby spy online anywhere? what is the retail on these and how does the size compare to the normal spy?? any pics are greatly appreciated!!thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, they might have one on which is an authentic site and post worldwide. The bag holds more stuff then it looks, which is good, but would go with a regular spy everytime. They do a lovely White Wisteria, Secrets got one on here.
  3. oh can i just add too. Thats in Australian dollars$$:smile:
  4. thanks ladies!
    i look at the links you guys provided but i couldn't PM that lady on the forum cuz i'm not a member there and styledrops doesn't have it in white.
    i found one on eBay that i posted in the authentication thread so we'll see..

    i'm still just thinkin about it for now..i just ordered the medallion denim one on friday and it hasn't even arrived yet... i think im on a spy craze!! :nuts:they are so pretty tho!
  5. You can never have too many spies in my opinion. They may be the same bag but they look so different in different styles and colours... something which my partner has yet to understand.
  6. LOL... my husband just rolls his eyes at me when i talk about mynext bag, he cant believe i carry a $2500 bag to our local supermarket!! :roflmfao:
  7. The reg spy in white would be a better size.