Baby spy bags!

  1. Heey,

    I'm new to the fendi forum - and your help iss greatly needed. By any chance, what colors do the baby spies come in? and how much do they cost?

    Also - where can i get it onlinee??

    thanksssss guyss - ur the best!:yes: :flowers:
  2. Hi mimi and welcome in Tpf

    as for the baby spy, it comes in a wide range of colors,and it really depends on the season ...

    i'd seen many, the double FF one, petrol, huney, white, black satin and lots more ...:heart:

    their cost varies, depending on the material/leather ..

    u can order them through :

    Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY
    Prada Gucci Tod's Hogan Shoes Handbags and Clothing Made in Italy
    Neiman Marcus Online
    Forwarding Entry.jsp

    i wish i was of help :heart:

    plz let us know if u needed any further info ...
  3. Do you have any pics? I want to order a baby spy bag but I want to see some pics.
  4. I wish I could find a baby spy in choc brown or black!!