Baby spies.. 2 sizes?

  1. Hi

    Quick question for you knowledgable gals...
    I had an ordeal with bluefly but cutting to the chase...
    they are telling me that the tobacco/brown zucca baby spy came in two sizes..the larger one being about 3 inches deeper and something like 1/2 inch taller (dont have the exact measurements). Both of these bags are from the spring/summer 06 collection I believe.
    Does anyone know if this is true?

    Also, bluefly incorrectly sent me the spalmatti baby spy in tobacca (has that gold glittery look to it)....any opinions on this bag?
  2. I always thought the Baby Spy came in one size. This is interesting...
  3. ahh help!
  4. there are a large spy, regular spy, baby spy, two varieties of spy hobo, a spy/baguette hybrid, and a spy clutch. there is only one size of the bag that we commonly refer to as the baby spy.