Baby SOL

  1. Got him yesterday!!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg
  2. Congrats!! he's so cute!!
  3. Oh he's so gorgeous, congrats!
  4. :love: Awww....he's so cute!
  5. :heart: :love: awww .. what a cutie!!
  6. How adorable. He's a Maltese?
  7. Congrats! He looks so cute in your speedy's!
  8. Yes he is!! Your dog is a maltese too, yeah?
  9. So cute! Whats his name?!
  10. Congrats, he's so cute.
  11. What a cutie! Congrats!
  12. So adorable and fluffy!
    You have to send pics at cuteoverload !
  13. So cute - congratulations on your new puppy!
  14. OMG....what a precious little being!:heart: :yes:
  15. soooo cute!!!Have fun with your new pup!!