baby silver paddington

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  1. Oh it's so adorable !
  2. Keep up the good work!!! Thats just my size! Now hurry and find us the baby in a different color like brown, tan, ivory....:love:
  3. Fayden, Thank-you!!!!It's soooo cute I have to get one!:love:
    I think I want Ivory.
  4. That looks like a cute size! It's so pretty!
  5. cute cute cute! i'm still perplexed over which color i should get in the regular paddy...
  6. I think you should wait for the mousse. My opinion at 11:25 PM
  7. i'm really thinking about it...when i first saw it my jaw literally dropped. i love the ivory and the anthracite, too...and they're available now...ahhhhh. but the mousse is so so pretty. so at 11:41 pm, i have no opinion. lol.
  8. cute size.. but i think i prefer the medium regular size ones.
  9. i agree, or the hobo style.
  10. For it's price, I much prefere the medium or the bowler.
  11. I like the silver, this one is too small for me though:biggrin:
  12. Can anyone find a pic of someone carrying the baby Paddy so we can see the size in relation to the body? I know the dimensions but I do better with pics.
  13. I'd like to see the size and the color in person. We have no boutiques around here so I've never seen those colors or even touched a paddy. How sad is that?? Went to NM in DC but they had nothing in stock. So tell me why am I lusting after and on the wait list for a bag I have never seen????? :shame:
  14. If you go to the LVR site and click on baby metallic paddy and then click on the magnifying glass they have a pic of someone carrying the baby metallic silver so you can check out the size. I think they use small models though because in looking at the medium paddys they look so large. the colors for the new spring are beautiful especially the taupe and the mousse. I am waiting for my choco but I think I'm going to order the blanc. too. they said the blanc in the classic paddy and the blanc in the new spring colors are the same , same bag but about $75 cheaper in the classic and you can get it now instead of in march.