Baby Shower Question....Need Advice!!!!

  1. my sister will be having her 2nd child in March by a diff father than her 1st child, he is 10 (no biggie, just given you background info) ok, so her lies the issue, it will be the 1st child for her current fiance and his mom wants to help me plan the shower. that's fine also, but since this is her 2nd child, do i still invite all our aunts and cousins? i'm just asking b/c i do not know etiquette on having a 2nd baby shower and who gets invited to that. Please help me!!!!! TIA
  2. I would think that since her first child is 10 years old, most of his baby stuff would not still be around. I would invite everyone. HTH!

  3. so technically you could throw a shower for every child a woman has? i guess i've never been to a "second" baby shower for anyone so i didn't know. so i could invite everyone who was at the first one like all our aunts and cousins.
  4. I know people who have had showers when they have a two year old of the same sex already. It's not like she ASKED for the shower is it? I think the whole point is to help the mom out with some of the things she needs for the baby. If she has a 10 year old, she probably is starting from scratch. Car seats have expiration dates, she may have gotten rid of the crib, she doesn't have a pack and play, etc. I don't see who anyone would find it tacky.
  5. Let me share a story to give you a different perspective. My husband has a son from a previous marriage (11). When we got pregnant I was overjoyed since it was my first child. My husband's sister had just had a baby right before I got pregnant and her mom (my mother in law) threw her a HUGE baby shower. Now, I didn't expect a shower of that proportion from my MIL but I did think that she would have done something (they threw one for my husband's first child with his first wife). This really hurt me and made me feel like I wasn't a part of the family and that my child wasn't important.

    Since it is your sister's fiance's first child I think it would be nice of you to throw a nice shower. Sometimes it's little things like this (although I know the work is not so little) that keep things running smoothly in a family. It's also a chance for everyone to get to know the fiance's family.
  6. Sanguar & rileygirl~ thanks so much for your advice!!!!
  7. My friends just threw a shower for me and this is my 3rd child (2 older boys, younger is 4). I didn't expect one since this is my third, but as this is a girl and I no longer have anything from my older kids, I really did appreciate the gesture. I think it would be a sweet thing for you and her future in-laws to do, particularly since this is the 1st child for your sister and her fiance.
  8. I would try to only invite close friends and relatives.
    Nobody wants to seem "pressured" into buying or attending a second shower.
  9. It's just a party.. you're not exactly panhandling! :rolleyes: Or maybe my take on showers is just too modern. It's more of a celebration, KWIM?
  10. In my family, it doesn't matter if it is your 1st child or 5th...a baby is something to celebrate. We invite EVERYONE and make a TON of food and shower our loved one with the best party we can come up with. It is a huge deal...there is going to be a whole new person in the world. Etiquette be damned, make it as special as possible.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!