Baby shower: organic and eco-friendly gifts

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  1. Hi ladies. I'm not a parent so I need some help here. I'm attending a baby shower and the theme is organic and eco-friendly. I have no idea what to get as a gift. The baby is going to be a little girl and my budget is $100-$150. What kind of things would a first time mom appreciate?
  2. Huh...

    I'd say maybe some cloth diapers or some wooden toys? You can get a lot of stuff for $100, I'm not sure how close you are to the person having the baby? Maybe also a food processor for later (if she doesn't have one already) when she makes baby's food?
  3. Babies R Us has blankets and stuff that are organic. check out their store or the website. Does she have a registry?
  4. Not sure if burts bees are organic, I don't think so but they are completely natural and the only products I have or will ever use on my children.
  5. Depends on if you want one big gift, or a few smaller ones..

    One of the most important items to purchase organic is the mattress and crib sheets since the mattress tends to carry a lot of toxins and since the baby will be sleeping on it.

    If you went for smaller items, things I would love as a new mother...
    -Organic washable nursing pads (these are a must, and very eco-friendly)
    -Organic Bobby cover
    -Organic Pack n play sheets
    -Organic baby wash and lotion (I love California Baby)
    -Organic swaddle wraps
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    Personally I'd just buy a gift that is either on a registry or pick something myself and not worry about "themes." I think it's a bit tacky to make theme requests for gifts. People should just give what they choose. After all, it is a gift. It's not something anyone is entitled to.

    And hey, if it happens to be organic, that's a bonus. Maybe an outfit or sheets? I think the food processor is also a good idea and maybe a baby cook book to make food from home if you do need some ideas.

    ETA: I do not think eco-friendly or organic is bad at all, I am all for it! Just a peeve when I hear of all these showers popping up making all kinds of special gift requests; it's getting out of control! But if there is to be any theme, this is certainly a good one to be had. ;)
  7. I procrastinated so there's not much left on the registry. I love the idea of a food processor and baby cookbook though. Thanks for all the ideas, ladies! Keep them coming. :biggrin:
  8. I would suggest Swaddle Designs swaddling blankets - my sister and I (we're both pregnant) both got them and absolutely have fallen in love with them. I can't wait to use them! They are so soft and made in the USA. They have organic receiving blankets in all different colors that are $32.00 each. I got mine from
  9. i say give her some money in a card and call it a day :smile:
  10. I'd get a bunch of stuff from cotton people

    like this for example. onesies are great as well!
    my DS (4 years) has one of their pyjamas and they are great!