baby shower invites and such

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  1. my sister keeps bringing up the fact that we need to start planning the baby shower...time is going by so quickly. so today i was really bored and decided to make up some shower invites and what not. thought i would share and see what you ladies think and what you have in mind for yours.


    birth announcement:


    door hanger [during hospital stay]:


    who knows i may re-do them later or i may keep them. i just love to play around and create.
  2. those are very nice :smile: I have no idea what mine are. My friend bought them and is sending them out. I asked for the theme to be Hello Kitty and pink/white colors lol
  3. super cute!!!!
  4. I would put on the invite where you are registered!

    Oh, and I sooooo wanted to do this and my grandmother said no (I was PISSED) but put on the invite that anyone that brings a pack of diapers gets their name entered into a drawing for a prize! I was gonna get a $50 GC to a nice restaurant or something... Great way to get diapers!
  5. ^ oh that's a great idea! My DH's friend and brother are throwing him a Diaper Shower...Babies, BBQ and Beer I think they are calling it! LOL!
  6. That's a cute name for a party!

    OP- your invites and announcements are adorable!:yes: