Baby shower gift question

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  1. I will be attending a baby shower for a good friend who's having twins, a boy & a girl. She is registered & I plan on getting her something from her registry that's around $100-$130. I also purchased 2 outfits & receiving blankets from a store (that she's not registered at) that were $50 each. I planned on spending $200 total, but do you think I should return the 2 outfits and only stick to her registry? Also, is $200 too much to spend for a baby shower? The Mom to Be is a good friend and has been very generous to me over the years...I just don't know if I'm overdoing it. Thanks in advance for your help! :smile:
  2. In terms of what to spend, that is completely up to you. As for what to get...for my baby shower, I would really appreciate people buying things from my registry. Babies need SO much stuff and it really adds up! While I know that buying from a registry is not always the most exciting, everything on there is something that she will need/want. If most of her registry has been cleared by other people or if you want to buy a little something that is more personal then go for it. Otherwise (and again, this is my opinion) I would stick to the things she has requested. Regardless of what you decide, I'm sure she will appreciate having such a thoughtful and generous friend!
  3. I might be in the minority here, but I think you should keep the outfits and receiving blankets. I registered at Babes R Us because of the ease of use across states. However, all of my favorite baby items are from boutiques or places that I didn't register. While the registry items are important, if you feel like she will get everything she needs, surprises and cute gifts are so fun and thoughtful to give :smile:
  4. I would stick to the registry. I received so many outfits for my children that did not fit when the season was appropriate. So even if people bought clothing in larger sizes, my kids might have been too big or too small for the clothes by the time the weather was right to wear them.

    At least if you choose to give items not from the registry, I'd try to enclose a gift receipt with them so they can be exchanged if necessary.

    And I don't think you are overdoing the amount if this is a good friend with whom you have a good relationship. It will mean a lot to her.
  5. i would give her the outfits :yes:
    some of the best things we got weren't on the registry.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going to give her the outfits in addition to a registry gift.
  7. ^^^ Good idea - I agree with a previous poster who said that items from boutiques, etc., are some of the cutest gifts! You're a very generous friend!
  8. I would stick to the registry, those are probably needs that she will need to prepare for baby or help make baby comfortable.

    I must commend you on even having an idea without the need of a registry on what to get.

    I had no clue on what to get for the baby shower for my best friend, fortunately she made it easy for us by having a list.

    I spent about around $200 or maybe more. First aid kit, grooming kit, baby carrier, diapers, and a walker were all that she received. Mom-to-be appreciates the needed stuff.

    I didn't get her any clothes, which was a good thing because that was the bulk of her gifts at the shower.
  9. I tend to do a little of both: Depending on what's on the registry I will get something off of it...Most of the time I've noticed the MTB ends up with more than one item from her registry bc a lot of people review the list and just buy it w/out having the cashier mark the item as fulfilled...

    I normally pick out a cute outfit or two (like you did) and I buy big boxes of Swaddlers/wipes for sensitive skin...I figure a MTB can never have enough diapers! I never purchase bottles or paci's...

    Now, in your situation since she is a close friend I don't think $200 is too much to spend on two babies. I think your gift idea is fine. I'm sure she will greatly appreciate it.
  10. Spend as much or as little as you want to! If she is a first time mom she will need blankets and burp cloths, but she doesn't even know it!

    I think that is awesome of you to spend $200, and I am sure she will appreciate it!
  11. IDK about baby outfits, my LO outgrew them too quickly. Those marked 0-3M were done by 2 mos, 3-6M at 3 mos! LO's not even chunky he's lean and above average height. Luckily a friend gave outfits from British brand Mothercare which are longer than usual Gerber/OshKosh/Carters.
  12. Hi, sorry to hijack the thread but I think my question does not deserve a new one.
    A good friend of mine is expecting her second child ; delivery is schedule in a couple of weeks or less !!!
    She is not registered anywhere and I'm torn between 2 gifts : a camcorder (a flip HD) or a gift card in a baby store.
    What do you think ?
    Any other idea ?
    I really need help here, this is the first time I have to make this kind of gift :smile:
  13. Do you know if she already has a camcorder since she already has a kid? Actually, a camcorder would be pretty nice to have. You cant go wrong either way Im sure.
  14. I don't think she already has one, but I'm not sure :s
    I find the flipHD would be very convenient to record every little cut smile her son will do :smile:
    But in the other hand I don't know if a camcorder is personal enought (KWIM) ?
  15. If she doesn't have a camcorder already, the flip HD would be very nice. Is there any ways you can find out if she has one?

    In the line of camcorder, digital SLR would be nice too. DSLR is great for when the baby is mobile. We ended up getting one b/c the point and shoot was just not capturing the pictures (we got all these blurry motion pics). Now we don't have that issue anymore.