Baby shower games!!

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  1. Alright ladies, I need ideas for fun party games! I'm in charge of hosting two baby showers this winter, and I want to avoid anything cheesy or embarassing for the new moms. Has anyone seen a good one or had any fun ideas used at their babyshowers?
  2. I haven't had mine yet but what I told my planners was this..

    There is only ONE thing I really really want, and that's onesie decorating.. If you google it, you'll see quite a bit of info.

    The things I DO NOT WANT are..

    Anything at all involving baby food jars. I don't want to taste, smell or look at them.
    Anything that's embarrassing to myself or a guest, no belly measuring, no chocolate bars in diapers (who the hell even came up with that disgusting game?) whatever.. Just nothing embarrassing.

    I like the idea of people bringing a photo of themselves as a baby and then others guessing who is who. It might be easier to do a celebrity version since you can probably find celebrity baby/child photos online pretty easily.
  3. I was just at a shower that did the onesie decorating and it was adorable! They took a clothes line and hung it along the slider doors. They then attached all different boy onesies (with sayings, tie-dye) with clothes pins.

    Another idea - all guests (except for mommy to be, who was the judge) put a plain white paper plate on top of their head and had to draw a picture of a baby. It was fun to see outcomes. The best drawing got to pick a prize from the lot of wrapped goodies.

    Nursery rhyme fill in the blanks. The host reads a nursery rhyme and you have to fill in the blank. Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his ______ and Jill came tumbling after. Most correct answers wins.
  4. some of the more tame ones:

    baby bingo during gift opening
    celebrity baby/parent matching (that one was sort of fun since there are some whacky names out there!)
    animal and young matching (Cat=kitten, but some are difficult!)

    we also did the diaper pin game where everyone gets one at the beginning...if you hear someone say "baby" you get to take their pin. whoever has the most at the end of the shower wins a prize.

    i've been to showers where they did the baby food guess by passing around jars (no tasting thank goodness), who can hang up the most amount of baby clothes while holding a baby and a cell phone (we used a doll )....they were funny i guess but not everyone wanted to do it.

    at the last shower we also decorated onesies (sizes newborn up to 12-18 months i think) and that was SO FUN. some of them were so cute and funny! we just used puffy paint.

    i've asked for no embarrassing games either aurora :nogood: onesie decorating would be great and maybe baby bingo and another easy/no pressure game (mostly so people can win a prize!), but that's about it.
  5. Here's my list

    Whose Water Breaks First (Materials - Medium size plastic babies, Clear disposable cups that will fit the plastic babies). This game is a great and fun game given to us by visitor Alejandra. Prior to the day of the baby shower, fill each of the cups with water enough to cover the plastic baby toys at least halfway (since they may float). Place the cups in the freezer until frozen stiff (you need to prep the night before). The day of the baby shower party, give a cup to all the women who attend the shower as they arrive. Whoever can melt the water the quickest or their water breaks gets the prize. The baby shower attendees can try to melt by blowing hot air on it or putting it in the sun (everything goes, let them get creative). It's a game that everyone can play at the baby shower no matter what age or physical limitation they may have.

    Cotton Ball Scoop - (Materials: Cotton Balls, 2 Large Bowls, Large Spoon) - Fill a large bowl with cotton balls (doesn't matter how much) place this bowl in a baby shower guest's lap. Grab another large bowl and place it on a baby shower guest's head and ask them to place one hand on the bowl that is on top of their head (the host can help hold the bowl). Blindfold the guest and hand them a large spoon (soup spoon, mixing spoon) and make sure this spoon is deep enough to pick up cotton balls. Each guest has 5 chances to spoon out the cotton balls and place them in the bowl that is on top of there head. The guest with the most ball wins!Remember they cannot use hands only the spoon.

    Find the Safety Pins (Materials: large bowl, long grain rice, safety pins ?(small or medium) and blindfold) - Fill bowl with rice and about 20 safety pins. Blindfold each participant from the baby shower for 1 minute and let the participant feel around in the bowl to see how many safety pins they can get. Keep score for each person playing.

    *****Baby Gift Bingo (Materials: Square cards with 4 or 5 squares across and down with pictures of baby items in each square - i.e., bottle, pacifier, blanket, clothing, diapers, etc - and a pen for each participant) - This is similar to bingo but is played while the mom opens gifts. Give each baby shower participant a square card with 4 or 5 squares across and down. The very middle is a freebie. All the other squares are filled with baby gift items that the mom may receive while opening her gifts such as pacifier, blanket, clothing, diapers, etc. Each card needs to be a little different in layout of the gifts and some cards have items listed that others don't. This way there will not be 5 people getting the bingo. The goal is to get a line of items across or down, sometimes if nobody is close then let the participants take the four corners as a winner. The person(s) with a line or bingo get a baby shower prize. This is fun for guests to do while the mom is opening the gifts and it keeps everyone involved.

    Don't Cross Your Legs - (Materials: safety pin for each guest and yarn/string) - Give everyone at the baby shower a baby safety pin with a piece of yarn or something to wear it around their neck. Each baby shower participant should have this from the beginning of the babyshower and if you see anyone that crosses their legs that baby shower guest can take their safety pin. The baby shower guest with the most at the end wins. You'll notice that its so hard not to cross your legs!

    The Price is Right - (Materials: Baby products, index cards, pens and paper for each baby shower guest) -Like the game show, purchase 10 different baby items (i.e., baby shampoo, soap, bib, lotion, rattle, pampers). On index cards, write the price of each baby shower item and then randomly place the index cards in front of all of the items. Write a letter next to the price of each item and then have your baby shower guests guess by writing down the item that corresponds to the price. Each guest will write their answer on a piece of paper. The baby shower guest with the most correct corresponding prices wins a prize!

    ****What does baby need game ?!
    This game is really simple, all you need is pen and paper for each guest. Each person has 1 minute to list all baby related supplies/things they can think of when you're preparing for a new baby! The person who has the most written in a minute is the winner. It also works out great because the mom-to-be can use the list for ideas of things not received but still wanted or needed for new baby.

    ***** Guess How Many Safety Pins: (Materials- Safety Pins and Jar). Pass around a jar full of baby safety pins. The one who guesses the closest wins a baby shower prize

    *****Baby Scrambler: Another fun baby shower game is to choose around 25 baby related items and scramble the spelling. For instance, pacifier can be changed to reiifpca. Have the women unscramble the words. The one who gets the most right in 5 min receives a baby shower prize.

    ****Diaper Doo (Materials-small pieces of white material that can be folded into small diaper lapels, safety pins, one small piece of chocolate). As guests arrive, pin a small diaper to each on their lapel. Tell them they will be told later what it's about. At the end of the party ask everyone to remove their diaper and open them up. One person should have a "special surprise" inside.

    Guess the Bibs Lottery (Materials: Paper and pen) - When the guests arrive, ask them "guess how many bibs will the mother-to-be get in her gifts." Write the guests name on a piece of paper with the number. Have someone count the total number of bibs after all gifts are opened. the person with the closest guess wins a prize. Thanks to Renee for this great baby shower game!

    Winner Takes All - (Materials: Piggy Bank, "All Detergent") - The piggy bank is passed around and everyone puts there spare change in it. Then each person is given the chance to guess how much change is in the piggy bank. The person who comes the closest to the right amount wins "All" laundry detergent and the mom-to-be gets all the money! This is a very entertaining game...especially when you see the face of the person who wins the detergent.
    Don't Cross Your Legs - (Materials: safety pin for each guest and yarn/string) - Give everyone at the baby shower a baby safety pin with a piece of yarn or something to wear it around their neck. Each baby shower participant should have this from the beginning of the babyshower and if you see anyone that crosses their legs that baby shower guest can take their safety pin. The baby shower guest with the most at the end wins. You'll notice that its so hard not to cross your legs!
  6. i like the guess the bibs lottery! that's cute.
  7. Put a lot of small baby items... one diaper, a baby spoon, baby wipes, socks, safety plugs, nose "sucker", thermometer, etc. on a table that the guests will pass by... usually by the food :smile: The table can be decorated but, other than that, don't bring attention to it.

    About an hour into the shower, ask the guests to name as many items on that table as possible. If the table is within sight of the guests, cover it as the game begins. The guest who has correctly named the most items wins a prize... the baby items are then given to the new Mommy.
  8. I don't see how the chocolate bars in diapers or the belly measuring is embarrassing. I think the chocolate bar game is fun and it gets everyone laughing.

    The bib lottery sounds great! I also did the onsie decorating and that is a lot of fun too, just be careful with your time, it tends to take people awhile to finish.
  9. At my shower we did a drinking game....we put beer in baby bottles and the first to finish won the prize. We picked about 8 guys to participate and prize was a bottle of moet. Everyone really enjoyed it.

    For ladies we were going to do the chocolate in diapers but ran out of time. :pout:
  10. I do not know if you are planning the showers yourself but if you have help and want to do a onesie decorating , I know someone who did 26 onesies each stenciled with a word that started with a different letter of the alphabet ( she may have also stenciled the letter as well I do not know) and the beginning letters were small ones and by the letter Z they were larger ones.

    Warning though it takes a lot of prep work to do this
  11. I just think the chocolate bar in the diaper is disgusting and kind of tacky.. sorry. But, I have never been easily impressed by potty humor.
  12. i'm not big on the belly measuring because i'm already sensitive about my weight. i know that the baby will make me bigger but i really don't want to see proof in how long the strings are! ;)
  13. Great ideas so far!

    I don't know how much one of the ladies would like the chocolate bar one or the belly measuring. But the other might. Some of these ideas are great. Any ideas for cute prizes or favors?

    Keep the ideas rolling in! This is so helpful!
  14. at a friend's baby shower, we played charades but the theme is kids or baby tv shows/movies. the guests were divided between 2 groups and we had a lot of fun playing this game !