Baby Sac de Jour - Day to Night Bag

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  1. I'm starting an internship and I'm wondering if the baby Sac de Jour is a good size for both work and going out at night?
  2. I think it’s great for night. It’s good for work too. It holds essentials like wallet, keys, make up, sunglasses, phone so it is possible to be used for work as well. Just depends if you need to carry more than that.
  3. Its perfect especially in structured. Although it wont fit a laptop it will still fit in essentials for sure.
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    I love my Baby SJD! I bought it without ever seeing one in person and when I first started wearing it I was sooo unsure of the size, but it really is a workhorse and has luckily issued in a whole new size of bags for me! I had some hits and misses but fully consider this a magical “Mary Poppins” bag in the way that it carries way more than you would think and looks fantastic doing it!

    I also love the gussets, they certainly help as well - when I had everything and the kitchen sink that made all the difference. I love wearing mine crossbody but also with the strap knotted so it is a shoulder bag. It looks so chic handheld as well, you really can’t go wrong. Mine is the grained leather with gold hardware and had yet to show any real signs of wear.

    Truthfully the only time I stop wearing it is when I need to give it a break!
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