Baby Rose Croc?

  1. Could the experts please confirm this color, is this the elusive Baby Rose Croc?

    From Mika's Blog:

  2. Is Baby Rose the same thing as Rose Indienne?

    I know this color exists but every SA I ask (from different locations), they all say it doesn't exist (but I KNOW it does). They sure are trying hard to keep some things exclusive ...
  3. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: *pursegasm*

    Whispa, I saw a very elegant lady at the Hermes on George V in Paris carrying a croc Birkin in this exact color w/ silver HW. It was TO DIE FOR, to say the least. Just stunning. :love: She was impeccably dressed in white/dove gray.
  4. I know, I can't stop starting at it really :drool: One of these days, I would LOVE to have one like this, well, w/ PH, just like the one you saw L.
  5. I REALLY want one ... :crybaby:
  6. Wish there's someone here that can translate the Japanese and give us a little more info on this beauty...
  7. how much does mika want for that bag?? it is GORGEOUS!!
  8. so it DOES exists... wow...
  9. Have no idea. That's why I wish we have someone to translate for us :wlae:
  10. That is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen! That color is TDF!
  11. Sometimes I wish I don't have this hang-up about bags being never carried and still in plastic seal ... Cuz I want that croc in a Kelly~
  12. Looks like Rose Indienne on my computer.
  13. So HG, that's what Hermes calls this color right? Have you ever seen it in one of their swatches when you visit the Boyz?
  14. Kou- you should definitely get this color in a Kelly! It is absolutely gorgeous!
  15. According to Mika, that bag belongs to a VIP customer. It's a 30cm matte porosous baby pink Birkin. It's a very difficult color to find and her shop is trying everything to obtain one but is as yet unsuccessful. For light colors like this (and white), Hermes needs to bleach, then dye the skin, so only the skins without any blemish can be used. HTH.:smile: