Baby Riley's Christmas Pic!

  1. Yes, I do realize it's a bit past Christmas now (even though I'm desperately trying to hold on longer, haha) but I wanted to post this Christmas pic of Riles because I've never introduced Riley!

    He's our one year old Papillon baby boy ;)
  2. Aww! Riley is adorable! :love:
  3. Aww, such a cutie!
  4. What a cutie Papillon is! Looks like he had a lovely Christmas. I was at the vet's office last week and was reading a copy of Dog Fancy magazine when I came across some pictures of Papillons. I wasn't familiar with the breed until then. They're adorable little dogs!
  5. aww, what a cutie!
  6. I love Papillons. The ears are so cute!
  7. He got more gifts than me. LOL.
  8. He's precious!
  9. Heh, thank you guys so much! And don't feel badly, those aren't all HIS presents! Haha.

    And yes, his ears are supposed to be standing up (the breed standard) but his are really just TOO large, lol. People used to joke when he was a puppy (and his ears were standing up) and ask how many radio signals he could get with those things. :p
  10. So cute!
  11. He's adorable:heart:
  12. so cute love his name too!
  13. Soooo cute! I love his coloring. I hope he liked his presents :p
  14. too cute!
  15. I love Paps!! Yours is adorable!