Baby Registry & Bugoboo

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have question about Baby Registery. :smile: I am not expecting to have a shower, even I am having one, it will be small.

    My friends and my co-workers want me to register anyway so they can get me some gifts.

    I am wondering where I should register. I am going to get the furnitures from Pottery Barn out of my pocket.

    I just want to register some small stuff. However, my husband wants a bugoboo stroller. :yucky:

    Here is my questios.

    Do you get coupons like 20% off from baby-r-us (if you register there)? In that case, we can use the coupon for the Bugoboo stroller

    I heard that I will get a discount to check off my register after my due date. Is it true?

    Bugoboo owner, Is it really worth to pay over $700 for a stroller? Which style is the best? & How long does it last (I saw some of them last until my baby is 40 lbs or so)?

    I am not expecting anyone to get me the stroller, I would put it in my registry if I can get a discount at the end. Otherwise, I don't want to put it in my registry.

    Thanks for all of your help!!!!

    VT Pooh
  2. I think you get a one-time 10% off all items that is left on your BRU registry if it's not bought.

    I have no idea if a Bugaboo is worth it. I was wondering the same thing. It seems quite a few ladies on here had a Bugaboo, from what I read on the stroller recommendation thread. But I haven't really read anything that convince that it's better than other cheaper choices. I plan to go and check all the strollers I might want, and see which one I found the easiest to use, steer, fold, etc.
  3. I have yet to receive notice about a discount at babies r us on my leftover registry items. but target sent me a 10% off coupon for my leftovers there. so i was sneaky and went online and added a bunch more things... and then purchased them with the coupon (and it actually worked!) but as far as babies r us... i haven't heard anything yet. but they do always have 15%off coupons to use... like right now i have one that becomes effective on feb. 25th i think it is. but they always have them in store and give them to you when you check out.
  4. i love my bugaboo chameleon. well actually my son loves it. but i would tell you that you might need a second stroller on top on the bugaboo since it doesnt have an infant car seat. the bassinet is so comfy that your baby would be able to use it for a while. the colors are so versatile and it's such a easy stroller to maneuver. HTH!
  5. We bought the car seat adapter and used our Graco snugride in it-although if we knew we'd wind up with a bugaboo we would have gotten a maxi cosi car seat. I absolutely love our cameleon and can't say enough good things about it. We use the car seat when she falls asleep in the car and we don't want to wake her up, but love that we can also use the bassinet which is so much better for her back. We also used the bassinet as a crib when travelling. My daughter is now using the seat and loves it. It's minimalist but seems super comfy and is really easy to adjust. My DH is alot taller than me and loves the adustable handles (only on the cameleon i think). I drive a sedan and the stroller fits in my trunk just fine. My only complaint is that the canopy doesn't offer 100% sun protection in certain positions, so the detachable umbrella is a great buy to remedy this. I give it two thumbs up :tup::tup:. Feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions about the stroller, I could talk about it all day! Oh and a big congrats on your pregnancy :yahoo:
  6. You may also want to check babiesrus's coupon terms. Most of the places I've seen have brand exclusions on a lot of the high-end brands, and Bugaboo is pretty much always one of them. So, you may not be able to get the discount on it, even if you put it on the registry (but it's certainly worth a try.)

    I had come down to the Bugaboo and the Orbit for my final decision, and decided on the Orbit. My neighbors have a Bugaboo Chameleon (as does half of Silicon Valley, it often seems), and they really like it, but they have commented that it's not the greatest if you're going in and out of the car a lot. It's supposed to be fabulous for neighborhood walking around. I did a long post on the Bugaboo and the Orbit a while back about what I thought of both of them, if you want to take a look.
  7. I still haven't heard from anyone about folding up the bugaboo's.. but back when I was looking at strollers (that was only like 2 1/2 years ago, I'm sounding so old right now).. I remember a whole bunch of people complaining about how hard they were to put together, and everytime they wanted to go to the mall or the grocery store it was this big hassle.. and then fitting it into the car.. And people were ending up buying another stroller that was more convenient anyway.. But again, maybe they have come a long way since then.

    Also.. I think I spent about $300 on my maclaren.. but I would definately spend $700 if I found my dream stroller and it had costed that much..
    I'm a huge enabler for spending (so maybe don't listen to me) haha.. but if you think of it on a cost per use basis.. it's kind of something you don't want to settle for. If you buy one you don't really like.. you're going to be "not really liking it" it for a long time..

    I mean.. yeah, the bugaboo is up to 40 lbs.. but my son is 2.. he will be 3 in may.. and he is only 28 pounds. (he's skinny but still!)

  8. we did that too and we usually just snap the graco onto the bugaboo stroller unless we go for a long walk which i prefer let him sit in the bassinet.

    i wish i could use the bassinet more often but at 4 1/2 month he already outgrow the bassinet and we will be using the toddler seat as soon as he can sit up straight.

    it's important to find out the size of the baby before deciding on a stroller. big babies like mine will not fit into a Orbit, as much as i like the design of it.

    congratz again:heart:
  9. I'm almost positive that Bugaboo is one of the brands that you cannot use the 15% coupon on in Babies R Us. I use the Silver Cross strollers. The POP and the S4 can both be used from birth since they recline fully. Silver Cross strollers are a bit pricey as well, but TOTALLY worth it. I've never owned a bugaboo so I can't really comment on if they are worth it.
  10. We got our Bugaboo Cameleon from the Right Start. Not sure if you have one close by they have stores in quite a few states. We got 10% back in store credit which we used to buy other stuff. We got the Peg Perago car seat to go with the Bugaboo. It's kinda pain to snap the car seat on the stroller but overall we love the Bugaboo. It's light, steady and easy to maneuver. The pram is great. I have not used other strollers so it's hard to compare but I find it very easy to fold. It does take up quite a bit of room in the trunk but you can also take the big wheels out very easily.

    You get a 10% completion coupon from Target, BRUs and Pottery Barn Kids. Congratulations!
  11. Thanks for all of your inputs and Congrats. It is really helpful. I agree that we probably won't be able to use 10% off for the Bugoboo. :tdown:

    We went on stroller/car seat search this weekend. We went to baby-r-us and also baby style. We don't have any Bugoboo store near us.

    I still don’t know what to get. My husband still likes the bugaboo.

    I like this one because it is super easy to open and close, but the cover is not washable.

    Baby-r-us is totally marketing this one. The guy doesn’t even want to show us the bugaboo.

    I am thinking to just buy a car seat and a thing like this, which my co-worker told me in the past. I can use it for now and decide the stroller later.

    When we were in Baby Style. A couple walked in with a Bugaboo when the sales were showing how to use it. The sales asked them if they liked it. The wife said she does. And then when the sales walked away. The guy walked to my DH and told him, he likes it for toddlers (that’s the age of their son now.) But they didn’t like to use it for infant. They got the frame (my third link) and snap the car seat in when his son was a baby.

    Still undecide. :shrugs:
  12. I found the Bugaboo fairly easy to fold/unfold once I got the hang of it. It was definitely one that I couldn't figure out just walking up to it on my own. The biggest complaint I hear about it is having to take the seat off to fold it up. It's also still pretty big folded, and since it's also expensive, it's not the best to travel with. Note: I don't have the Bugaboo, I have the Orbit (which I haven't actually unboxed yet, either.) This is just based on my playing with it when I was deciding.

    Did you try lifting the Quinny Buzz (the first link you provided)? My DH loved that one, and I thought it was pretty cool, but that thing weighs close to 25 lbs, which was a lot for me. I guess when I'm all muscled up from carrying the baby around all the time, it won't be a big deal, but for now, it was heavy.

    My friend was visiting from DC this weekend with her 6 month old and had one of the universal frame things like the third link that you posted. It was really handy for the trip, since she just had to bring the Graco seat and that, and it folded easily.

  13. You can order online from the Right Start's website. Just create a registry and order it online - you get free shipping for anything more than $100. You then can use the store credit for ordering other stuff from their website.

  14. I have the one on your 3rd link. It was really convenient to use :tup: especially, if you're baby is still on a regular "baby" car seat - not too bulky to take along with you and it's very lightweight. I'm glad I've kept it 'coz I can still use it for my 2nd baby. :smile:
  15. Hi! I found this site while researching differences between the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Baby Orbit. After 5 1/2 long years we are finally expecting our second child and I cannot make a decision on the stroller. Everytime I think I know what I want, I find something new and then have to start all over again! For those who have the Cameleon, as well as those who have the Baby Orbit, can you please tell me why you selected your stroller and what you like/dislike about it? I am very interested in systems that have a bassinet. I'd also love to hear about others that you love. Thanks!:nogood: