Baby Possum in Danger In My Yard

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  1. This week, one of my dogs killed a possum in the pasture. Felt bad, but such is life.

    Today, I hear raucous barking towards one of my bushes and there is one of my dogs barking at a baby possum in the bushes. He isn't high prey drive and didn't try to kill it but others are,

    I called wildlife rescue and they said if he is 5-6 inches long (w/o tail) he can be on his own.

    But he will die if I can't get him before the dogs. He was gone after a few minutes, I had pulled together some leather gloves and a crate to take him way out to the front pasture inaccessible to dogs.

    Wish me a little luck finding him again before the dogs do. He was a cute little thing, hissing like crazy at me and dogs...
  2. Baby possums are so cute. Could that of been Momma possum that was killed? Can you lock the dogs up?
    A few years ago the dog behind me got out and killed a Momma possum under my house. I put the babies up in my tree with food and water until they got bigger. And I made the dog's owner crawl under my house to retrieve the poor Momma :cry:
  3. I suspect it was the mother that was killed. I have pastures, not yards so hard to lock them up..I will check every time before I let anyone out to see if I can find it. Poor little bugger. I don't feel optimistic. The vultures got all of the momma the same day. Mother Nature.
  4. Nature is so hard to watch sometimes. I hope you find the baby before any predators do!
  5. just want to say GL and nice of you to care
    Is that your land in the avatar? It's beautiful
  6. I'm on 5 acres of pasture so I feel your pain. One of my dachshunds found a nest of very baby bunnies, maybe a day or two old and of course she ate them all. Bunny McNuggets. I guess you could try to relocate the possum, but as you know nature will take its course with predators.
  7. Thank you , and yes, it is the view from my back deck. The barn is over 100 years old and still in use. Most of the view is not my land, though.
  8. I am sad to say I was not able to save the baby possum; walked outside and saw the murderer (same dog killed the mother) with the possum's head in his mouth. The little thing was still alive, so I commanded "drop it" but guess it was too valuable to him to listen to me. Then I heard a crunch and the babe was dead. Other than being terrified I don't think it physically suffered, it was quick. I feel terrible. If I had walked out there 10 minutes earlier I might have saved it. Mother Nature cruel.
  9. IDK why I came back to this thread. The Bunny McNuggets comment was so vile and repulsive that it actually offended me......and that is hard to do.
    Rest assured that the baby possum suffered. The terror it felt being on it's own and being hunted by a vicious dog must have been a horror for it. And both instances were so preventable. I keep my cats that like to hunt locked up----they do not go out onto the catio unsupervised. Anything less would be irresponsible on my part.
  10. it's sad but the dog was just being a dog
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    This is terrible. I really, really wish I hadn't read any of this. Nature stinks sometimes, I know, but I have to ask - why post a thread about it. All I can think of now is how those possums suffered before they died.
    I wish I was less empathetic when it comes to animals, but I'm not and threads like this will always upset me.
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    I'm sorry folks didn't mean to offend. I will end it now.
  13. Possums are really cute