Baby pink garden party???

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2012
    Hello. I am desperately hunting for Kelly but just found out baby pink all leather garden party in PM from some reputable reseller. The color is so adorable and I LIKE IT!!! I cant post the picture but its baby pink color from 2010. The price is also reasonable (I think )but my husband is persuading me to rather get something from store so I can get my Kelly faster. He's not so comfortable with purchasing from reseller. If I buy this GP, my visit to H store will be banned for awhile. So, should I skip this one?? Isn't GP in this color rare ? HELP!!!!
  2. That's quite tricky situation.
    Baby pink GP is not easy to find But not impossible.
    I understand your DH reasoning but may I ask, if you spend the GP fund on other things at H store, would it be for items you really want anyway and will buy regardless or will it be to get a kelly?
  3. I think just wait and buy from Hermes store. I have seen baby pink GP in the store this year.
  4. Thank you for your inputs! I think it would be to get a Kelly. Seriously I have never seen anything I like in stock. They are always either out of stock or on wait list. Only God(and sales rep) knows what they have. My DH asks me to go check the items in store but as I recently gave a birth to baby, it's not an easy task. Sigh
  5. Oh, so it's not impossible to buy. Hmm...Thank you!
  6. Mind to let me know when and where u seen it? TIA.
  7. Prefer buy from shop. Your DH is reasonable. :P
  8. If you like it just buy it. With Hermes, no reasoning and logic works.
  9. Is it bubblegum pink(pink 5p) or rose Dragee ? If it is bubblegum pinkso go ahead and get it. It is not only rare but super rare! And is the most beautiful shade of pink so 2 cents
  10. Is it full leather or canvas?
    Pink is rare honestly
    U only tell us price is reasonable
    But we can't advice u coz we didnt c d condition of d bag n size too vs price
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    Last edited: Sep 22, 2012
    First of all, Congrats on giving birth to a baby! One of the beautiful moments to bond with baby and I can understand why you would not have the time to go shopping at Hermes.:smile:

    Pink GP old stocks may still be there. Frankly, the stocks for Pink GP is highly relative. It depends because most GPs today stocked are in non-pink.

    How long have you been waiting for a Kelly? If it has been too long to wait for the Kelly, my suggestion is to get the Pink Garden Party.

    Firstly, you're not at a loss. You adore the color, shape and size. Even if the Kelly is not offered to you at the moment or may take time for you to save some money, you still have the GP to enjoy.

    No point in getting items that you may not like and getting them for the sake of hoping to be offered a Kelly. Such logic may still be relevant with Hermes and it's understandable from their business/sales point of view. However, not everyone has a big budget and we have to live within our means.

    Husband may not like it. What's more important is if you like it. I know how partners can influence our decisions heavily. There are times we have to listen ourselves, close our ears and ask them to keep quiet.

    Another option is, how about asking husband to shop for a Kelly for you? Who knows a male charm might work on SAs.;):flowers:
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    Last edited: Sep 22, 2012
    very well said :tup:

    skylover83 congratulations!
    Garden party can be such a great baby bag. i also own garden party, at first I feel awkward but afterward I love it. I can use for gym, travel, and also a baby bag.
    choose the one that will make your heart sing :smile:
  14. It's bubblegum pink!!!!!!
  15. It's around 3000 usd including two twillies and they are in brand new .