baby pink / blush / powder?

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  1. Anyone here who owns a light pink cabas chyc? I am eyeing with one but I am not sure about the color. I can online purchase online and I was wondering what you guys can tell me about blush color or baby pink. I am not familiar with the official names but I figured there are a few shades of light pink or nude.

    Any references?

    Gladly appreciated.
  2. Nobody?
  3. I have the same question! I think the color looks great online and fairly neutral, but I've never seen one in real life. I would love to know if its super pink or if it could pass for a springy neutral!
  4. I'd like to know the differences between the pale blush vs powder vs pink too! Please posts pics. Thanks very much!
  5. whilst i don´t own one, i did see this at selfridges about 2/2.5 weeks ago.

    i think the poudre/ blush has a lot more beige in it, and under some lights (if seen closer to natural sunlight) it could be mistaken for almost beige (i could see the pink in it in more artificial light). so definitely nude as some people would say.
    The baby pink is more fleshy colored (if that could be used as a description).

    I had personally been more drawn to the poudre color online, but when i saw the pink in store i did prefer it - but everyone is different :smile: and I suppose that the powder/ blush would probably be seen as more neutral by most people.
  6. I am also interested in the answer to this question!
    I have seen various YSL bags labelled "rose poudre", "dusty rose", "pale pink"
    It's so confusing!
  7. I'm heading to Saks and Neiman's this afternoon and will take photos and give descriptions if I see the bags in person.
  8. Hi went to Selfridges the other day, here is a picture of what "powder pink" or "poudre rose" look like ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460963763.546586.jpg
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  9. Interesting! That poudre rose looks almost taupe or is that just me?
  10. it did in some light, and beige-ish in brighter light. I didn´t see many pink tones in it, but rather nude-ish

    the baby pink is more fleshy colored (as in their college bags)

  11. Yeah you are quite right, there's hardly any pink tone in it. I ended up ordering it and this is a picture in daylight. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461666383.755019.jpg
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  12. Very nice!! I"m having a hard time deciding whether to get the poudre rose with silver hardware or pale blush with gold. Now I think I'm convinced I need the poudre with silver. :P
  13. How are you liking your YSL so far? Do you find the color a nice neutral? Do you like the silver hardware? If you have more pictures, please share! Thanks so much!
  14. My YSL large woc in rose poudre with silver hardware just arrived! I absolutely love the color but it's so hard to capture in photos. Here are some pics!

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  15. Congrats! It is a gorgeous color️. I've seen it in person