Baby Peony tote is in limited quantity at JAX

  1. Well, ladies. I fell in love w/ the peony baby tote ( # 11387) and I decided to call JAX since it is LE. The good news is that they do have it. But then the CS rep told me that there are less than 10 left.The matching french purse (40941) is avail. to order but I forgot to ask about the quantity left. I also asked about the legacy stripe signature ponytail scarf 98283 and apparently JAX had it for a while and it is now sold out.
    I am trying to figure out if I can get this peony tote NOW!!! From the look of it, there won't be any left for the PCE in Dec. Decisions! Decisions!
  2. Oh. My. God.

    :shocked: :sad: :cry: :crybaby:
  3. At about 1:30 PM EST I ordered the middle size one - #11388 - and there were only 5 left when I placed my order. It seems like it's very popular. When I saw a picture posted on another thread yesterday I decided that I had to have it!!!
  4. wowwww
  5. Guess you better get it now girls before it's gone. It is really cute though.
  6. I am going to hate myself so badly for not having money. =(

    (But it's not even out yet, so this might just be a test run for December, right?)
  7. This bag is on the Japan website and I know it is LE. JAX didn't receive a lot of them to begin with. I don't think this is a test run though.
  8. ^^Dang.:sad:
  9. Well, I caved in and got the medium tote with the french wallet, just could'nt wait.....Now counting the days till it comes!:smile:
  10. Please show us pics.
  11. Yes, pictures please!
  12. i wanna see pictures!!!